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This is a complete bed bug treatment preparation checklist you will find around.

What is the best part of this checklist? This is my personal one & you can customize it as per your requirements.

This list quite helps to start with the treatment.  Everything included about the bedbug is effectively working. Let’s see what I am going to offer you in this read.

I advise you to please go through it & hopefully, you will some points missing in your list if already have prepared.

Checklist for bedbug treatment

How to Use This bedbug treatment Checklist

Most of the people who are irritated by the bedbugs used these instructions. But keep one thing in your mind. You don’t need to apply every single thing on this checklist. Just try the best suitable things. These tips will work according to your scenario.

Get Rid of Bed Bugs Guide

Preparation of a bedbug treatment checklist can help you to remove bedbugs easily from your place.

Although some people think it’s a difficult task, it’s a very effective way of treatment.

  • Furniture
  • Children
  • Laundry
  • Bedding
  • Drapery
  • Cleaning & Vacuum
  • Sealing and covering
  • Inspect everything


The first step you need is to empty your infested room by pulling the furniture and other wood accessories. It would help if you tried to vacant all hiding places like cabins, bookshelves, chairs, tables, and desks. Only sealed items should place here because it’s safe from bed bug infestation.


Some important things are not possible to neglect, like bedbug treatment may involve different types of chemicals. So make sure children are restricted from entering the room during this treatment. Also, avoid using chemicals on kid’s stuff and furniture. You can use home remedies to clean the bedbugs from the children’s house.


If you want to protect your pets from the side effects of this treatment, take all the pets away from the room for 4 hours. The fish aquarium needs to cover to avoid any hazardous health condition. If a person is an allergic patient, he needs to consult the doctor before having bedbug treatment.

Electronic Devices

Please unplug your electronic devices before starting the treatment. Television, computer oven, and many more electronic devices are the main hiding places for bed bugs. Pull away all the devices to clean every corner of the infested place.


All types of fabrics included in this category like clothes, bedsheets, etc. You need to put all fabric into the dryer for 20 minutes and then pack in a plastic bag. Why we use the drying process than washing? Washing is a time-consuming process; this is the reason it is not included in the preparation checklist. All travel suitcases and bags must be empty to clean everything easily.


This is a significant activity in the bed bug treatment checklist; clean all curtains, carpets, and bedding stuff by steam cleaner. Take your clothing out of the stands, and wardrobe, move these items from the infested area by the sealed bag.

Keep all towels, curtains, and stuffed toys in the dryer for about 30 minutes and pack these things in a bag without delay after the drying process.


You need to vacuum all the garbage from the walls and floor and clean this mess as soon as possible—vacuum the mattress and box springs to eliminate eggs, eggshells, alive or dead bed bugs. Carpets, chairs, and couches need to be clean thoroughly before any treatment; throw trash bag of your vacuum as quickly as possible.

Sealing and covering

If you live in a cluttered home, then be ready to face difficulty in inspecting bedbugs from the hiding place. Before starting the bed bug treatment process, it is compulsory to seal and cover the walls and floor hidden places where bedbugs hide their selves.

Inspect everything

It would help if you inspected your home before setting your furniture and all the stuff again. If you found any area infested again, then retreat to remove bedbugs from home.

Post-treatment actions

  • Never introduce second-hand furniture. It will increase 80% chances of bedbugs attack
  • Choose the guaranteed stuff which is free of bed bugs.
  • Do some precautionary measures to get back the furniture and electronic equipment.
  • Bed bugs are mostly lived in the holes and cracks; you must seal all the cracks of walls and floor.
  • Inspect your home periodically.
  • Some of the bedbug attacks are due to the travel bags, be careful to keep your luggage at home.

Keep one thing in your mind. Never move your luggage to another home until you have a guarantee that another home is not infested.

All bedding stuff like sheets, mattresses, and box springs must be placed in a bug-free area. If you do that, then all hard work on treatment is going to ruin in one second. Make sure to look around and check all your items before moving and heat or dry them if required to remove bed bugs.

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Warning Before you Start Operation

The following list has been compiled with warnings and precautions that should be strongly considered and followed.

  • Do NOT use bug “bombs” or foggers to kill bed bugs!
  • Bed bugs aren’t roaches; they will not ingest the poison and die later, and so using them is only a waste of money.
  • A bug bomb, also known as a total release fogger, is a can of pesticide where the entire content comes out all at once in a spray.
  • Do Not use the “brush” attachments when vacuuming!
    • Eggs and bedbugs can attach themselves to the bristles.
  • Label everything that is being thrown away as “Infested with bed bugs”!
    • This should help prevent anyone else from unknowingly bringing bed bugs home with them.
  • Do NOT donate or re-sell bed bug-infested furniture!
    • The best practice is to cut holes in the discarded mattress/box springs and destroy the furniture.
  • Pesticides
    • Before using any pesticide product, READ THE LABEL FIRST and follow the directions carefully!
    • Do not use a pesticide that was intended for outdoor use indoors.  It is very dangerous and won’t solve your bed bug problem.
    • Make sure the product is effective against bedbugs!  If the product label doesn’t specifically list bed bugs, then the pesticide hasn’t been tested or approved for them.  There is a good chance that it might not be effective.
    • Don’t use a product or allow a pest management professional to treat your home unless bed bugs are specifically named on the product label.
    • Note: EPA has not reviewed any pesticide product without an EPA registration number on it.  This means that the effectiveness of the product hasn’t been verified.
    • Note: Misusing a non-specific pesticide to treat bed bugs can make you sick.  It might not solve the problem and could make it worse by forcing the bed bugs to hide or flee to a place where the pesticide won’t reach them.
  • Pest management professionals will usually make two initial treatment visits and a follow-up visit to confirm that the bed bugs are gone.


Can I Treat for Bed Bugs Myself?

You can treat bed bugs by yourself using home-based products to remove bedbugs, but bugs are difficult to treat if your place is highly infested.

If you want to get rid of bed bugs permanently, then consult some expert professionals.

How Does Technician Pest Treat for Bed Bugs?

Professionals know what they are doing; they use the latest high-quality, safe products against this fast-growing pest.

We need to avoid any toxic treatment; you can use a combination of techniques like traditional insecticide treatment.

How Many Treatments Will It Take To Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

The normal ratio of the successful process is two because we have different age group bed bugs. Two treatments work to obliterate bedbugs from the infested area.

Should I Throw Out My Mattress and Furniture?

It is not recommended to throw your furniture and mattress out of the home. These items can be treated successfully by inspection appropriately.

One thing more avoids having second-hand furniture without any inspection.

How Do I Prepare for a Bed Bug Treatment?

As you read above, there are many important things mentioned here, which helps make bedbug treatment more successful.

The checklist we planned is vital to get rid of bedbugs; it is designed to prepare a plan like a pre-bedbug plan, tips and recommendation, and post-treatment.

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