How To Get Rid Off Bed Bugs Naturally

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Bed bugs can be the last thing on earth that you don’t want to share your bed with and how to get rid of bed bugs can be done using chemicals or in a natural way. But before you start killing bed bugs, you need to know what they are? Where to thy come from, and what are the causes of why they appear in your bed. Bed bugs can be described as tiny brown insects that are about the size of an apple seed. They usually come out at night and feed on their host’s blood, be it an animal or human. But if you take a closer look at your bed, you can find them in the daytime.

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Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

Bed bugs are common in every country worldwide; they can be found mostly in temporary accommodations such as motels and hotels. Their carrier can transport these pests through their clothes or suitcases. Another way that these pests come to your house is by buying furniture.

Signs of Bed Bugs

You must know the signs of bed bugs as they can multiply rapidly. If this happens, it can be tough for you to eradicate them out of your home. One of the most common signs of bed bugs is bites. If you get up in the morning and found out that you have small welts or bumps, this can be a sign that your bed has bed bugs. The second sign is smearing. Tiny blood smears on your beds or linen is a clear sign of bed bugs. Another clear sign of bed bugs is eggs. There are tiny and often to see, but they can be described as a rice grain. You can usually find them under the mattress, crease, and at the bottom of your headboard.

Get Rid of Bed Bugs Guide

Bed Bug Treatment

As said earlier, how to get rid of bed bugs can be done by using chemicals naturally. Although the use of chemicals has been sad to be very effective in getting rid of these vampire pests, there are still several natural ways that you can do to kill them. How to get rid of bed bugs is to follow these steps properly and precisely.

  1. Start by removing all your beddings, including; blankets, pillowcases, sheets, mattress covers, bed linens, and comforters. You will need to wash all of them in hot water and dry them thoroughly. Also, please do not put them back until your entire house is cleaned.
  2. Any object in your room that is made with fabric type materials should be vacuumed. Please put them in a plastic bag, and seal them, leave them for about three days as this is enough to kill the remaining bed bugs. Objects that include in this are a pillow, stuff toys, and computer bags.
  3.   Carefully inspect all your drawers and cupboards. This is an effective way to eliminate bed bugs as bed bugs and eggs can inside these places. If you find them here, you have to remove all your things, wash all your clothes in hot water, and vacuum it thoroughly.
  4. Use a vacuum cleaner with a hose to sweep your entire home. How to get rid of bed bugs is to vacuum all the ceramics, nooks, openings, and cracks on your wall. And clean the vacuum cleaner away from your home as you have finished doing it.
  5. If you have an opening and cracks on your wall, you might need to use caulk to seal them. This will prevent bed bugs from entering your room.
  6. How to get rid of bed bugs naturally is by checking your mattress or bed. Most of the time, you will find infestation on your bed springs. This will depend on you if you want to throw away your bed or use chemicals to get rid of them.
  7. How to get rid of bed bugs can be done by throwing away your pillows. For only a few penny amounts, you can purchase new pillows that are clean and bed bug-free.
  8. Getting rid of bed bugs naturally can be done by cleaning your entire home with a cleaner. There are plenty of product cleaners that you can find in the market, and most of them are very effective in disinfecting your home.
  9. Once cleaning is done, you can put all your things back. It is required that you repeat the process every once to make sure that there will be no infestation again.

How to get rid of bed bugs naturally has to be done properly. Pay close attention to every part of your room where bed bugs can hide. Remember that how to get rid of bed bugs naturally involves plenty of processes. Make sure that you follow all the procedures properly and precisely to make your home bed bug free.

A Traditional Method

Another effective control system to treat bed bugs is the application of neem oil. It can be sprayed on carpets, curtains, and mattresses. Neem oil is obtained from the leaves and bark of the neem tree, a native of India. Has been used safely for hundreds of years in their country of origin as an insect repellent and as an antibacterial.

You can also incorporate neem oil in certain types of mattresses. There are German companies that are already manufacturing these neem mattresses.

Newest Method

In some exceptional cases, the detection of bed bug’s hiding places can be done with trained dogs to find these insects by smell. A trained dog can detect and signal a bug hiding in minutes. This service is expensive and not often used, but may be helpful in difficult cases.

There are increasing reports highlighting the success in controlling bed bugs using diatomaceous soil as a barrier against bugs that can not develop resistance and did not present any toxicity or environmental problem. Diatomaceous soil produces abrasion of the cuticle of the exoskeleton of the insect, causing death by dehydration. The bed bugs exposed to diatomaceous soil usually die in about two days.

Other Domestic Treatment for Bed Bugs

Alcohol may be used against the bed bugs by detecting them. It also gives good results in the use of household cleaners based on water vapor. They can be used to clean beds, mattresses, furniture, etc. are suspected infested, the steam penetrates the cracks, and high temperature eliminates bug adults and eggs.

Dry cleaning your bedding clothes at 50 ° C has shown high effectiveness against bed bugs. Once the bedding is clean, remember not to put it on the ground, that may be a chance for bed bugs to climb up the bedding and strike again. Try hanging it so bed bugs can’t climb until you have finally eradicated all the infection. Also, a cover for the bedding may be a very effective system.

Treatment by Six simple Steps

  1. De-clutter the room thoroughly. Put anything you no longer need or want in sealed plastic bags and dispose of them.
  2. Completely strip the bed, place all the bed linen in plastic bags, seal them, and take to your laundry area (the bags will prevent bed bugs from escaping and infesting other areas of your home.) Treat clothing in the same way. Launder everything on a high-temperature setting and tumble dry once again use the high setting. Any items which cannot be laundered should be placed in the tumble dryer. You may have some items unsuitable for this too, but perhaps you could steam clean these.
  3. Vacuum the whole room and everything in it – mattress, soft furnishings, curtains, inside drawers, and closets. The list is endless. Make sure you get into any crack and crevices in walls and floors using the tools on your vacuum. It is essential that you empty and cleans your vacuum cleaner thoroughly as soon as you complete this task. Place the contents into a plastic bag, seal it and dispose of it. It would be sensible to do this in the room with the infestation to prevent the spread of bed bugs.
  4. Using a steam cleaner, methodically re-trace your steps. You will need a steam cleaner that produces Steam Cleaner Head “dry” steam and reaches a temperature of at least 45° Celsius. Steam at this kind of temperature will kill bed bugs at all stages of development, including eggs. Read My Step By Step Guide To Steam Treatment For Bed Bugs
  5. Leave nothing unchecked, vacuumed or steam cleaned even the most obscure items picture frames, behind peeling wallpaper, soft toys. Do be careful. However, steam and electricity are a deadly combination so stay away from electrical switches and sockets even though bed bugs like to hide in them!
  6. As an added “insurance policy,” you may want to consider applying bed bug dust or a non-toxic bed bug spray at this point, which may kill any bugs missed during treatment. Tips For Treating Bed Bugs Naturally

It has to be said that this treatment for bed bugs is hard work, and it may not succeed the first time around, so you should be prepared for this. It may also be the case that if you have an infestation that is very large and widespread throughout your home, your best option for treating the bed bugs may be bringing in professionals to do the job for you.

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