How to Get Rid of Carpenter Ants

You landed here as you are one of them who are looking for a safer solution to get of carpenter ants.


I will drive you through complete ‘science’ and will let you know how to get rid of these more safely.

Do you want to recognize and remove them?

At first, we need to know that there is a huge difference between carpenter ants and termites. Carpenter ants love to live in the wood. On the other hand, termites eat wood as a portion of food. However, there are some similarities between them. Carpenter ants take wood as their nest, and they can be problematic for us like termites. Termites eat everything made of wood. Ants make their houses in the walls. After that, carpenter ants can be black and brown. They may be our enemies and can damage use. Therefore, knowing their presence is essential for us. So, there are plenty of things to know. Let`s have proper guidance about carpenters ants.

Do carpenter ants bite us or not?

As far as the biting system is concerned, ants may bite us in some circumstances. If we irritate them, they may bite us. However, there are many chances that they cannot bite us. But we should avoid and remove them from their roots.

Products for Getting Rid of Ants

Here are the top-rated products available in the market;

1. BASF 396153 Advance Granular Carpenter Ant Bait

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The first product is like a natural product that contains attractive bait for ants. This pesticide has several things for discussion. If we use this product, we will be applying a formula, attract them, and kill them. This is the best product to call the ants out of their nests.
Whenever we spread it on the surface, it catches the ants and kills them. After that, we face no difficulties while applying it. Even our children can use this product. As a result, we see heaps of dead ants. Finding them dead, we would have to swipe them for cleaning.

What We Like!
  • Attractant bait
  •  Large grit size
  •  8 oz
  •  Effective
  •  Easy to use
  •  Heaps of dead ants in few seconds
What We Didn't Like!
  • Keep it away from children

2. Terro Carpenter Ant & Termite Killer

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The second product is like a cylinder, and we can use it easily. This beautiful bottle, like the spray, is used to kill carpenter ants and many harmful insects. It can kill small bees, black ants, and cockroaches. Therefore, we can say that we have all in one solution.
We have one of the best solutions for eliminating ants` colonies. So, we can say, Terro carpenter ant and termite killer kill not only specific creatures but many more. By applying it after some minutes, it can become the reason for termites and ants` death. Its construction is concerned, its shape is attractive; there is a small nozzle, handy, and odorless. In the end, we can use it near the pets.

What We Like!
  • Pests’ killer
  • Spray
  • For both indoor and outdoor uses
  • No stains
  • All in one solution for ants
  • Handy spray
  • Affordable
  • Non-toxic
  • Best for pets
What We Didn't Like!
  • Requires double coating

3. Terro 324 Liquid Ant Baits

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Carpenter ants and termites may hide into the wall and unreachable areas. Therefore, we will be in search of a reachable product. There is no need to find them anymore because we have Terro 324 Liquid Ant Baits, 0.36 oz (2).
This package can be carried anywhere easily. So, we can apply it to such type of affected areas where we cannot apply any formula. As far as this product’s working system is concerned, it reaches to the depths of anything. Terro products have gained popularity due to these features, and many people use them to get rid of ants and termites. Those who have used it suggest others to buy. It saves many areas too. Lastly, we can use it for a lot of problems.

What We Like!
  • Kills wood wasps
  •  Prevents insects to come again
  •  Useful for indoor uses
  • Beneficial for outdoor purposes
  • Can save remaining areas
  •  A monster killer
What We Didn't Like!
  • Best for Lawn & Garden not indoor

4. Bayer 4314807 Maxforce Carpenter Gel 27g Ant Insecticide

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Some products prevent ants to appear. Some products kill them at the spot. But here is a product that works completely differently from others. We are going to review Bayer 4314807 Maxforce Carpenter Gel 27g Ant Insecticide.
The working process of this product is to feed them and remove them. Whenever a queen appears to collect food, she will take the bait of Maxforce gel. After that, she will certainly feed the larva and other workers. In the end, when the workers and ants would have eaten the bait, they will die and start to leave the place.

What We Like!
  • Bait gel
  • Our turn
  • 27 gram
  • Wonderful product
  • Prevention
What We Didn't Like!
  • A little bit pricy

5. Spectracide HG-96375 Termite & Carpenter Ant Killer

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This is the time to get ready for the next battle. Firstly, Spectracide is a beautiful and fighting ant and termite killer. Secondly, we can use it for many purposes, easily and effectively. Thirdly, it seems killing bees is a little work for it. Previous products have only two to three months’ duration, but it has nine months’ duration.
Probably, the shape and packing of this product are beautiful and nice. There is a little pistol grip sprayer attached to the gallon. It has locking and unlocking switches that are to switch off or on. On the other hand, there are batteries in the handle of the pistol. After that, there is an extendable nozzle. On the other hand, there is a gallon with it. In this gallon, we have terminating material. Now, we can use it. In short, this gallon is like a gun.

What We Like!
  • Useable
  • Removes carpenter bees, ants, and termites
  • Nozzle
  • Can set it easily
  • Easy to apply
  • Not harmful
  • Can use it for plants
What We Didn't Like!
  • The trigger may be loose

Family Cycle

If we talk about their life cycle and family, everything will be clear to us. A carpenter takes 2 to 3 months to reach adulthood. Queens have a long-life; they may live for one decade. It will be shocking for you that a queen lives up to thirty years.
On the other hand, males die firstly rather than females. They have colonies to live in. One colony maybe consisted of 10-15 workers. The large colonies maybe consisted of 50,000 individuals.
Swarmers carpenter ant

  • Florida
  • Workers
  • Queens
  • Black


These ants have wings. Swarmer is ¾ in size. Their story is very twisting. Whenever a male swarmer meets a female swarmer for the sake of production, the male will die soon. After that, the female flies towards searching for another nest and food. As a result, the female lays eggs and bores and makes a new colony.
Their recognition is concerned; they have two wings, kinked antennae, and front wings longer than hind wings.


This type is found in Florida, and that is the reason it is called Florida. It does not damage the wood. Its color is brownish and black. It has different shapes. Some have wings, and some are wingless.


The worker is wingless. They have a lot of things to do while living in a colony. Their main duties are to protect the colony, meeting with a female. Their life span is less than a queen, that is only 3 weeks.


Queens is the most dominating figure of a colony. We can say that these lead and make colonies. They live more than workers and males. It is estimated that a queen can live up to more than 30 years.

Recognizing the Carpenter Ants

After dealing with their shape and life span, it is not difficult to recognize them. But here are some tips to recognize them. They have three segments and six legs wings and wingless. If we find them flying near our houses, it means they are over here to attack and enter. After recognizing them, there two more steps: 1) determine them 2) prevent them.

What are there signs of carpenter ants?

  • Fras
  • Nest
  • Wood damage
  • Bait

1) Frass
Fras is the main symptom of these insects. If we find frass near our doors, windows, and walls, it is clear that carpenters have marched it with their best. This powder comes into existence when many ants eat wood regularly.
2) Nest
The second sign of ants is their nest. They normally make a nest in the walls and doors to survive. They can do that wherever they want to remain. Therefore, if you find nests, it is final that ants are over.
3) Wood
Wood is their favorite snack and sweet dessert to eat. So, if there are cracks and holes in the wooden wall or good, a colony of a carpenter ants nest, except for walls, they may be fond of cabinets, doors, and foundations of doors.
4) Bait
If you cannot check their landing or place clearly, here is the best tip to get rid of them. So, what would we have to do? We should take some honey or sugar. After that, we can spread it near the wall or anything where we have doubts. These sweet things will attract ants to appear. At last, these are the best signs to check their appearance.

Homemade and Natural Ways of eliminating Ants

After knowing that they are here and what we have to do now, we would have to look for natural products or homemade formulas’ there many ways to prevent them and keep ants away from the houses. Therefore, we would have to act; otherwise, we will be acted upon.


Vinegar can be a natural and easy way to remove ants. You just need a single empty bottle. Then mix some water with vinegar. After that, put it into the bottle. Whenever it is needed, we can spray the vinegar easily. Vinegar will attract them and kill them. If you find it working, keep on applying regularly.

Hot water

The second natural and easy way of preventing ants is hot water. Hot water will create disturbance for them. If there is a colony and you can throw hot water directly on it. As a result, they will start to come from their hidden houses. Firstly, it will bring some of them out. Secondly, if we apply continuously, it will remove them from the surface.


The second natural way is an essential oil. Some oils contain mint, lemon, clove, and orange ingredients. We can use these oils to prevent these cheap ants.

Soap and Water

Soap and water can create a deadly combination. It is easy to make a natural way of removing ants. Having a handy bottle, dish soap, and water can be a product. In short, it is an easy way to stop ants.

Sugar and Baking Soda

Last but not least natural product is a mixture of sugar and baking soda. If there are many ants and you see them marching. Then, try this homemade formula. We can make it with the help of sugar and baking soda. In short, the reason behind making is that baking soda attracts and kills ants effectively.

Other things to do

Firstly, these tips are to prevent them in the future and to save your house from them. Secondly, we cannot get rid of them by applying these homemade products once after applying that we would have to check whether they are leaving. If they start to leave, it is good news for us. On the other hand, if they are not leaving, start to do more. After that, keep on cleaning and covering the dishes and things regularly. If there is a crack or hole in the wall, cover it as soon as possible.
Thirdly, don’t keep your things in this type of area where ants can march. Fourthly, don’t let the dead leaves in your house and clean them properly. Lastly, if you want more protection, you must call an exterminator. This is all about knowing them and recognizing them. After that, what type of homemade products can we make to remove them. Now, we are going to discuss the best products for ants. Here we go with a small introduction to the best products for carpenter ants.

Wrapping it Up

After reviewing these products, there will be some questions in your mind. Firstly, they may be related to the products. What should we do while buying products for carpenter ants, and what are the recommendations and suggestions for buying them? Therefore, we are going to deal with some relevant points in the form of guidance. So, keep in them in your mind to save your money. To conclude, these are the best to eliminate ants.


The working process is the most important thing to keep in mind. If a product can work properly and effectively, buy it for the protection of your house. The reason behind this suggestion is that some products are like traps, sprays, and pesticides. Therefore, it is important to know them.

Attractive and suitable

Secondly, the attraction and suitability of a product are important to call. If it is attractive and can be proven suitable, don’t late to buy it. The attraction of the product may attract the ants to eat the bait and provide it to others. After that, they will be unable to escape.

What people say about it

Many people review products for suggestions and recommendations. They share very informative reviews and personal experiences. Therefore, we should check the personal experience of people and customers.


Fourthly, a product should not be too expensive. We must think that we are going to buy a product, not a luxury thing. So, keep your budget in mind. If a product is affordable, keep it inside your house.


Last but not least, duration matters in the durability of a product. The duration of a product matters. Some products can work for months. Some may work only for two weeks. We will be spending money to buy a product. Therefore, the duration is one of the best tips to keep in mind.

Tips to get rid of ants

To get rid of and avoid these problematic ants has become our main concern. Suppose we don’t do that, they are going to disturb us continuously. So, we would have to take more steps to prevent them. Now, we are going to look at the best tips that we can do as beginning prevention. Following these tips, we can keep them away from our beautiful houses.

  • The first tip to keep in mind is cleaning. Cleaning is half prevention. If we keep things clean, we may escape. These things may be our dishes, jars, glasses, sugar cans, etc.
  • Secondly, keep the dining and foods things out of your children reach
  • Thirdly, don’t leave the extra food in the dishes.
  •  Fourthly, keep your things closed.
  • Don’t store broken things inside your house.
  • Throw your trash into the trash bin regularly. If we don’t throw garbage into it, ants catch it and make it their host.
  • If there are many cracks in your walls, cover them properly.
  • Unclean dishes in the sink can attract them. Therefore, don’t leave them unwashed.
  • Cut off essential branches and leaves of trees because they can use them as a connecting tool.
  • Don’t rely on a single cure.
  •  Keep on checking whether they are here are not.

FAQ’ about Carpenter Ants

How can we differentiate between termites and carpenter ants?

Yes, it is easy for us to know the difference between them. Termites eat wood while ants make it their houses. Secondly, termites can bite us, and ants do not. Thirdly, carpenter ants can easily move from one place to another, but termites don’t leave until they destroy it.

Are there toxic chemicals in products?

Almost, these products are free from chemicals. There are no harmful ingredients that can harm our children and pets too. To conclude, the main qualities of these products are that they are natural and non-toxic. Therefore, we can use them to kill both termites and ants.

Do they have wings or not?

Yes, some of them have wings like Swarmers, and some of them don’t have wings like workers. Several species may be wingless or flying. Therefore, it is difficult to judge them.
 Can we rely on these homemade products to remove ants?

Certainly, we can rely on these products because they are wonderful. We can prepare them in front of our eyes. However, it depends upon us whether we are going to rely on them or not. In many cases, they are helpful to stop the insects.

Can we difficulties while stopping them?

We may have faced a difficult time, but we can benefit from natural, homemade, and chemical products for their prevention. However, we can use these helpful products for the sake of getting rid of ants. After that, we should look for the best products.

 How many insects can be killed by these sprays?

As far as these sprays are concerned, they can kill many species and bugs. They kill insects, house ants, carpenter ants, cockroaches, and termites.

Is this spray well at killing bugs?

Probably, sprays work faster than traps and natural products. Even homemade products can be used as a spray.

Are these products harmful to vegetables?

Not at all, as we discussed that they could be used for plants and flower beds. We can also use them for vegetables.

How long can we use a product?

Certainly, there is a product that is usable for nine months. For instance, Spectracide HG-96375 Terminate Termite & Carpenter Ant Killer, AccuShot Sprayer, 1.33-gal, 1.33 gallon is high-recommended.

Are traps enough to remove flies?

No, there are homemade products like vinegar, baking soda, clove, honey, and bait.

What is the attractant of ants?

Almost, many things attract them like sugar, honey, wood, and many more things.

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