How to get Rid of Roaches

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Roaches are the most scorned insects in the house. No one likes the presence of the roaches in their house. Only one roach is enough to bring you in the state of a fury where you only look for an insect spray that can eradicate the creepy-crawly roach. The Roaches’ presence can be real trouble, especially if they become a part of your house, and to get rid of roaches can be a lot tougher.

So, before we start the killing process, let’s take a look at what these creepy critters actually are.

What are Roaches?

There are more than 5000 species of Roaches in the world. These little creepers have the great ability to adjust to any type of situation regardless of weather and environment. According to scientists and several, roaches can survive extreme radiation. There are also rumors that roaches can even survive the radiation during a nuclear explosion. Because roaches are invulnerable, we humans have brains, and we know how to get rid of roaches.
Roaches have various colors, sizes, and nutrition. The most common one is Red cockroaches, living in close vicinity to us. The red Roaches body is usually oval, and its size is around 4 mm to 1.5 cm.

The best Roach killing options: Product Reviews

Let us review some products that are the best in the market. You can try these for an instant and clean solution.

1. The Best Roach Killing Bait Station

We recommend: Combat Max 12-Month Roach Killing Bait stations

Price at Amazon!

Prominent Features
  •  Effective in killing roaches and also prevents them from coming again for up to 1-year.
  • The bait is simple to use and does not require activation.
  • Works nonstop day and night. Just place it where roaches are found and relax.
  • The bait should be placed in areas such as behind toilets, around the sink, and behind appliances.

Our first pick is the Combat Max 12-Month Roach Killing Bait stations that you can easily place all-around your home. It remains effective for up to the whole year and creates a virtual shield against cockroaches.
We like the most about this product because if you’re dealing with a pest issue, you cannot keep a container or box of pesticide ready at all times. Obviously, it is not practical. But at the same time, you don’t want your house to be a killing ground as well. That’s why Combat Max 12-Month Roach Killing Bait stations are widespread devices against roaches and other insects.
You can place these compact black discs in kitchen cabinets and drawers, behind the toilet, and anywhere you want. These bait station discs include enough toxic chemicals and are useful for a whole year. Which means you don’t need to look out for roaches all the time.
Just once a single roach has consumed the insecticide present in the station, the roaches will unknowingly carry the lethal chemicals back to their nest, and many more roaches will get killed in this way.
The main selling point of this roach bait station is the affordable price tag and long working lifespan. But the effectiveness and efficiency of these bait stations are also one of the prominent features that you cannot ignore.

What We Like!
  • The effectiveness of this bait station is tremendous, and the lifespan is one year.
  • Affordable price
  • The mechanism of the device is discreet and simple to use
What We Didn't Like!
  • The device is much more effective in dealing with small insects and not that effective against big species

2. The best Roach Killing Spray

Raid Ant & Roach Killer Insecticide Spray

Price at Amazon!

Prominent Features
  • The effect of this Roach Spray is long-lasting. It will continue the residual action for up to 4 weeks.
  • The spray is suitable to treat Multicolored Asian Lady Beetles, Stinkbugs, Scorpions, Roaches, Ants, Silverfish, Crickets, Earwigs, Household Spiders, and Black Widow Spiders.
  • It will not leave a lingering chemical odor.
  • This killing spray is simple to use.

Roaches are annoying, and sometimes it gets personal with a roach. So if that’s the case with you and you want to get rid of them quickly, try a can of Raid Ant & Roach Killer Insecticide Spray.
If you plan to deal with a severe roach problem, you will have to kill every roach you see in your yard. But actually, that is not a permanent solution. Handling this severe issue also means killing off the roaches and bugs that you are unable to see. In fact, the number of insects and roaches that we can’t see is much more than what we actually see.
So, as a part of your roach killing campaign, it’s necessary to have kill-on-contact spray in your reach, and Raid Ant & Roach Killer Spray does the same. Just a quick spritz of this mild lemon-scented and all roaches are dead meat.
This roach killing spray is effective, and you can also use it in the roach activity areas such as in the cracks and crevices, under the sink, and all those areas where any other method may not work or is not that effective.
Lastly, this Raid Ant & Roach Killer Spray has a pleasant smell, and you will not find any lingering chemical odor.

What We Like!
  • It starts killing the insects and roaches almost instantly.
  • The smell of the spray is pleasant.
  • Quite Effective against all types of pests
What We Didn't Like!
  • It is a temporary solution than a permanent pest solution.

3. The Best Roach Killing Gel

4 Tubes Dupont Advion Ant Gel Bait

Price at Amazon!

Prominent Features
  •  Before applying this Advion Gel. Carefully examine the infested areas to confirm the infestation levels, locations, nesting areas, and most suitable application places.
  • The gel is perfect to use for Indoor areas such as cracks and crevices in the walls or floors, behind equipment and kitchen appliances, around sinks, within or near garbage collection areas.
  •  Advion Ant Gel provides high killing efficiency in a short time.
  • The Gel includes Indoxacarb, which is a non-repellant insecticide.
The first excellent feature that we notice in this Advion Gel Bait is that you can use this gel precisely where you need it, such as small cracks and crevices. The results were terrific, and the gel’s lethal formula will eliminate the roach problem once and all.
The usage of this Advion Gel Bait is as simple as tossing bait stations around the home. But to get the desired results, you will have to do a little bit of labor work. Using the included applicator, you can draw lines or dots with this Advion gel on the places where you have seen bugs and roaches or where you doubt they may be hiding. These places can be cracks in the wall, corners of the floor, behind dustbins, and anywhere else in your house or garage. Not only this, but you can also use this gel on boats, planes, or on any other vehicle that is under the attack of roach infestation.
There are two reasons for its effectiveness; the first is the carboxylate insecticide that it contains is deadly for roaches and other insects. The second is that the gel contains a unique and toxic mixture irresistible for roaches and other bugs.

What We Like!
  • The effects of this Gel are long-lasting and quick.
  • Due to a unique blend, the gel is Irresistible to roaches.
  • The best killing Gel for heavy infestations.
What We Didn't Like!
  • To achieve the desired and the best results, you might have to do some labor work.

4. The best Roach Trap

Black Flag Roach Motel Insect Trap

Price at Amazon!

Prominent Features
  •  The effects of this roach trap are long-lasting, and it can work for up to 4 months
  • It effectively hides dead bodies of insects from view
  • The device is perfect to traps roaches, spiders, water bugs, palmetto bugs, and scorpions

Next, we have the Black Flag Roach Motel Trap that not only kills roaches and other insects but also keeps the dead bodies of insects out of sight.
When treating the roach problems, our main objective is to kill off the insects and remove all the pests from our territory. But with almost all such products, you may end up finding and picking dead insects or roaches all around your house, garage, or office. Dead roaches are always better than those living in your home, but washing and cleaning up those remains are not that enjoyable. With this Black Flag Roach Motel Insect Trap, the insects and roaches will die outside of your property and will remain that way within these traps.
Wondering how? Let us explain:
Unlike any other poison, this Black Flag Roach Motel Insect Trap works by spreading a pleasant scent and highly adhesive substance that attracts the roaches and other insects into the box and then traps those insects and roaches quickly. When roaches are trapped inside the box, their supply line of food and drinks is also cut in this way; they die in the box.
Lastly, this best sticky trap is quite useful for killing large and small insects, including roaches.

What We Like!
  • No dirty work with this trap as you will not see any dead roaches cluttering on the floors.
  • As compared to others, the substance is not that dangerous.
  • Valid for up to four months
What We Didn't Like!
  • The trap can get grisly over time.

5. The best roach Perimeter Spray

Ortho Home Defense Insect Killer

Price at Amazon!

Prominent Features
  • The spray features a non-staining substance that is completely odor-free and also dries quickly.
  • It comes with a refillable wand.
  • While using this spray, you will not have to bend or pump it hard.
  •  The reach of the wand is long and includes several spray settings

If you use this Ortho Home Defense Insect Killer in an adequate quantity both inside and outside your house, you will never face the roach problem in or out of your home.
Ortho Home Defense Insect Killer contains quick-killing and enduring chemicals. You can easily use this perimeter spray both inside and outside of your house. The effects of this spray are quick, and it works immediately when sprayed on roach and any other insect running across your floor.
This Home Defense MAX Insect Killer Spray is effective for roaches and works against spider mites, beet worms, centipedes, millipedes, scorpions, insect eggs, and 130 types of creepy-crawlies. It works by creating an invisible shield technology around for the location and keep the insects out for up to 12 months.
Furthermore, this Ortho Home Defense MAX Insect Killer Spray is simple to use. All you have to do is spray it liberally around your house and places such as doors, windows, perimeters, and wherever else you see roaches. The blend is entirely non-staining, odor-free, and dries fast.
With this roach killing spray, you can rest assure that you will not see any bugs and roaches in your house for up to one year. Lastly, the spray is pet-safe when it is dried.

What We Like!
  • The invisible barrier technology that it makes is effective and long-lasting.
  • The spray is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • The reach of the wand is impressive and long.
What We Didn't Like!
  • You may experience issues in nozzles during long cycles.

6. The Best Roach Powder

Harris Boric 16 oz. Acid Roach Powder With Lure

Price at Amazon!

Prominent Features
  • The Effects of this powder will remain for weeks. And it will continue to work against roaches, and other bugs as long as it’s kept dry.
  • The puffer bottle with straw is simple to use even in difficult to reach spots.
  • The product is registered by EPA and made in the USA
  • safe for adults and pets.
Our next product is from the brand that is among the pioneers in the pest control industry, the Harris Boric Acid Roach Powder With Lure.
The Original 16oz Harris Boric Acid Powder includes 99% boric acid and 1% special Food Grade Lure. This roach powder is of the best quality and kills roaches and other insects quite effectively. The powder is effective for both indoor and outdoor uses and commercial and residential purposes.
Apart from killing the roaches and other crawling insects, such as fire ants, the Harris Boric Acid powder is approved by the EPA that makes it environmentally friendly. The odor and toxicity level are entirely safe for your humans and pets, but we will not recommend you to inhale or smell the powder.
It works by luring the roaches and insects to it and then dries out their skins. The results are effective but a little bit slower as compared to other killing options. For the best results, you will have to wait for a couple of days, and after that, you will see a major reduction in the presence of roaches.
The powder is also safe and effective outside your homes, such as in your garden, lawn, backyard, or pavement.
Lastly, we will recommend wearing a safety mask while applying this powder to don’t inhale fumes. For the best results, apply the powder by using a handy applicator (included).

What We Like!
  • The powder is not only effective for killing roaches but also the best for other pests.
  • Affordable price tag.
  • Proudly made in the USA.
  • The product is registered and approved by EPA
  • The applicator is included in the pack.
What We Didn't Like!
  • Not suitable if you want instant results.

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Interesting facts about Roaches

  • Madagascar cockroaches are 6 to 8 cm in length.
  • There are rumors that roaches can even survive a nuclear explosion.
  • They can hold their breath for almost 40 minutes.
  • A one-day-old cockroach can run as fast as any old one can run.
  • Cockroaches are cold-blooded insects and can survive nearly a month with any food.
  • A roach can live even without the head for almost a week. It dies because it cannot drink and eventually dies of thirst after a week.
  • Adult roaches can run as fast as up to 3 miles per hour.
  • Roaches are brilliant climbers.
  • According to recent research, more than 30 million people in the USA are allergic to cockroaches.
  • Roaches are fond of alcohol and cold beer due to the high sugar levels in them.

Lifestyle of Roaches

Roaches like to live in warm and humid areas. Usually, roaches like to wander at night. During the day time, they prefer to hide in quiet areas. Therefore, it is easy to detect roaches at night instead of a day. Cockroaches can run very faster than other insects. Cockroaches breed by laying eggs. One egg gives birth to 15 to 50 roaches. When a female senses any danger, it throws her egg case, and the cockroaches in the case remain alive.
The same happens when roaches are exposed to any poisonous substances, the eggs of roaches remain alive, and a new generation takes birth from them.
By considering these physical characteristics of roaches, you can imagine how rapid is their growth and how strong is their survival ability.

Signs of Roaches at Home

How will you tell that your home is the favorite place of roaches? Normally cockroaches come out in the night, so their presence has already become a serious problem when we actually see them.
Here are some common signs that your house is under the attack of the roaches:

You See Roaches

The most basic and obvious symptom is actually seeing the cockroaches in your house. And never underestimate the presence of a single roach; it does not mean that you don’t have a roach issue. If you witness a roach crawling from beneath the floor or door, it means there’s a nest in your home.

Roach Droppings

Cockroaches often leave their droppings behind, which looks like pepper or coffee. Try to look out for these droppings in the kitchen around the sink area and in other places where you keep your food.

Dead Roaches

Sometimes, and in the early stages, the most common sign of a roach invasion is these critters’ dead bodies. If you often see any dead body in your house, it means that you have a roach problem.

Egg Casings

This one is a little bit difficult to identify from the naked eye, but you can try. If there’s a roach nest in your house, try to notice oval-shaped egg casings.

A Musty or Oily Smell

Typically, cockroaches have a distinct oily lousy smell. If your house or any part of your house smells musty or oily, particularly the bathroom and kitchen, you have a roach problem.

What Attracts Roaches to Your Home

Regardless of insect type – whether it’s ants, termites, rodents or roaches, – they all need food and water to survive. Because of this reason, these can be found in places where they can get food and water easily. As for the Cockroaches, they like warm and humid areas and are attracted to:

  • Dirty plates in the kitchen sink
  • Crumbs on the floors
  • Garbage
  • Leftover food in bins or containers
  • Pet food
  • Excess moisture and wet places

Get Rid of Roaches Naturally & Quickly?

Here are some methods and remedies that you must try to get rid of roaches quickly. These methods will surely increase your chances of eradicating the roaches. It is very much possible to get rid of roaches quickly only if you can identify attracting roaches to your home.

Clear Away Food and Debris

Your home is a favorite place for roaches if you keep your food in an open spot. Ensure that all the leftover food is cleared and put in trash bags. If you want to retain any food items, keep them tightly sealed in containers. When roaches do not find any source of food, they will wander elsewhere.

Declutter Your Home

Cockroaches are the versatile creatures living on the earth. They are not only dependent on food. They can also use other stuff as their feed, such as paper, glue, and dirt. So try to eliminate all the unwanted items from your home if they are not in use. The piles of old magazines or newspapers and household items that are not in use may also be removed to avoid roaches.
Remember to clean the following spots in your home:

Clean Your Kitchen and Appliances

Roaches love to build their nests in the kitchen. They can use grease and remains of food behind your kitchen appliances. Clean the areas such as behind the microwave, toaster, stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, and around the sink thoroughly.

Clean Cabinets

Crumbs and spills of food are a great source of food for cockroaches. So, to get rid of roaches, always keep the cabinets in your kitchen clean and remove all the unwanted items from cabinets.

Consume food in one room

Store all food and eating items in any particular area of your home. It will re crumbs and food spills, making it easier to concentrate on deep cleaning one room of the house.

Clean the Floors Regularly

Clean and sweep all the areas, including non-food areas of your home, every few days. Roach nests, eggs, and parts carry pheromones that can attract other similar insects to your house.

Eliminate the Moisture

Generally, this goes for individuals who live in dry or similar areas. Usually, Cockroaches like to make their nests in homes that have a plentiful of water or moisture. For this purpose, explore your home and look out for water and sewerage pipes that are leaked. Similarly, wipe away the standing water, if any, as it also attracts the roaches.

Seal up the Entry Points

Try not to give roaches an easy entry point into your house. Seal up all the crevices on the wall, and fill out any cracks and openings around the drains and sewerage pipes. Cockroaches can make their way through the tiniest gaps, so ensure not a single gap is left unfilled.

Make Roach Bait at Home

Take three parts of boric acid and one part of sugar and mix them properly. Roaches are fond of sugar, so it will lure them, whereas the boric acid effectively kills them. Although the boric acid is safe for kids and pets, it can be somewhat annoying, so try to keep it away from places where pets and kids can reach.
Then sprinkle the powder in the kitchen, under and behind the large kitchen appliances, around the sink, and on any other place that you find appropriate.

Types of Roach Killers

Here is your best roach killing options, have a look:


Aerosol sprays are the most common and effective roach killing options. Roach killing options are a fast-acting option, and you can target specific areas through this option. These sprays are suitable to use for all types of roaches, including big cockroaches.
Some sprays offer a long term pest solution, and you can use those sprays as a surface spray. The effects of these sprays are also long-lasting and last for almost four weeks.

Bait Stations or Traps

Bait stations and traps utilize a “no mess and no fuss” approach to get rid of roach problems in simple words. The roach bait station and traps attract roaches through the special chemicals that roaches cannot resist, and when they consume the bait, they die in a few days.
Bait stations don’t kill the roaches immediately; instead, they transfer the toxic chemicals in roaches, and they carry it back and spread it into the rest of the roaches.


Gels to kill Roaches are a suitable option if you want to cover those hard to reach areas. Those tiny holes are the favorite hiding spots of roaches, and Gels are quite effective in killing roaches hiding in these holes and corners. On the other hand, these Gels are entirely safe for your skin and body. Not only this, but these gels also come with an applicator that lets you use the Gel in tiny holes by your hand.


If you want to kill roaches and other similar insects in a non-toxic way, powders are the most suitable option. Most powders contain boric acid that is a natural product. Once the insects touch it, the powder sticks to their bodies and eventually damages the roaches’ nervous system. This process is quite slow as compared to other procedures but extremely useful.

Safety Precautions During Operation

Here are some safety precautions that you must adopt when using any of the roach killers:

  •  Try to use a reliable spray gun or fogger when to apply roach killing spray.
  • When using roach repellants, pack the food and other similar items in a sealed container to avoid poison.
  •  When using the pest controls, take your pets and aquariums out of place.
  • Don’t use the room for at least 6 hours.
  • Try to use glasses, masks, and gloves during the process.
  •  Make sure that the chemicals do not touch your body, especially your eyes and mouth.
  • Do not eat, smoke, or drink during disinfection.

When to call a pest control company

This option might cost you some bucks, but if you cannot control the situation by yourself or have a severe infestation, don’t hesitate to call a professional for help. In that case, never try to handle the matter by yourself. A pest control company can help eradicate the problem by using effective bug-killing chemicals and treatments. If you have kids and pets, let the professionals know about them and look out for safe options for kids and pets.

Furthermore, roaches are also harmful to your health. They carry around fifty types of bacteria and infective diseases such as gastroenteritis, typhoid fever, dysentery, poliomyelitis, and intestinal worm eggs. As they love to make nests around the garbage cans, basements, and dirt, they carry several types of infections in their legs.
During shedding, roaches remove their scales, which, joined with dirt, may cause allergies and asthma problems.

Wrapping it Up

Consistency is key in this process. You will have to keep baiting until you can get rid of roaches and other insects. The process might take some time, but it is necessary for the overall health of your family. Ensure that the product you are using is safe for pets if you have any.
Getting rid of roaches is not that simple as it looks, but not impossible as well. Always remember to avoid the use of sprays on your grocery and other food items, especially when spraying it in your kitchen.

How to get rid of Roaches | FAQs

Here are some common questions that people have about getting rid of roaches in the house.
Where do roaches make a nest in the Home?
There are a few things, or we can say signs that may help you identify the favorite places of roaches in your house. Look out for the visual clues, such as droppings of roaches and their shredded skins. It will be difficult to identify these signs at the start, but you will find it with a thorough examination. To assist you, we will advise you to begin with your kitchen and bathroom. As mentioned above, roaches like to hide or make nests where they can easily find water and food. After this exam, all the dark and compact places around your home.
These places can be your basement and garage, the space beneath kitchen appliances, the wall nooks and cracks, and the cabinets’ inner side.
Can we kill roaches by using Vinegar?
Vinegar, especially white vinegar, is a common domestic ingredient, but few know it is also an effective roach repellent. Do you know that Vinegar not exactly kills the roaches? Instead, it is used for cleaning purposes. And because roaches don’t make nests in well-cleaned areas due to limited food sources, they seek shelter in a different place.
Can we kill roaches by just flushing them in a toilet?
It is perhaps the most common way of dealing with live roaches and probably the oldest as well. But is it effective? No! It’s more of a misconception among us. Putting roaches in water or flushing does not kill them because the toilet pipes are not filled with water. So, if the roaches find any dry place in the pipe, they will not drown.
Another reason is that some roaches species can hold their breath for up to 40 minutes under the water. Terrifying, isn’t it? So, this clearly tells us that flushing isn’t the best option.
Why do roaches Come Out to die from hidden places?
No one can straightforwardly answer this question. According to some theories, this behavior of roaches is due to the awkwardness and body spasms. Roaches, specifically those exposed to insecticides, may collapse over and die because the hazardous chemicals severely damage their nerve system. As roaches are invertebrates and can’t return to the vertical position, they die.
Do Home Remedies Work for Roaches?
Yes and no. Home treatments to get rid of roaches are powerful, but not all. Some are quite effective and can get into the walls and destroy the nests. But some DIY methods and remedies are not powerful to destroy a nest or large population of roaches.
So, it depends on which method you are using and, most importantly, how you are performing it. But if you have a serious roach problem in your house and no remedy is working. We will advise you to seek advice from professionals.
How long should we use the home remedies?
You should apply these natural remedies as long as you have a roach problem in your office or home. People usually make one mistake because they use the remedy just once and give up easily because they see no improvement. This approach is not suitable.
Try to understand that roaches are living around for 300 million years – they’re incredibly resilient.
To get rid of them, you will have to apply the remedies for at least 2 to 3 weeks; then, you will see a reduction in the roaches population. After this, make sure you’ve washed your house and filled any crevices or cracks in your home.
When you properly follow these procedures, you can keep roaches and other pests out of your office, garage, or home.
What harm do roaches can cause?
Apart from their frightening and dreadful looks, roaches can cause some serious damages to your house. That’s why it becomes so crucial to get rid of roaches quickly.
Roaches can severely damage plants, leather items, and book bindings. They usually tend to leave their feces in kitchen cabinets, doors, and isolated places, where they like to live during the day time.

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