How to Get Rid of Stray Cats Permanently

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Stray cats are fun to watch but only from far or in others’ property, and when the stray cats are in your yard or claim what is yours, it’s not entertaining. Whereas stray cats have wandered away from a house where they belonged previously, but among the cats, many are feral – they were born and outdoors, and their behavior is also different from pet cats. Whether the cats are stray or feral, all outdoor cats can bring diseases, fleas, and ticks, in your house with them. So if the stray cats take over your yard, it is time to get rid of stray cats permanently.

Best Product Reviews | Top Rated

Let us review some products available globally, and you can choose any relevant as I have explained all the features in detail.

1. Best motion-activated sprinkler for cats: Orbit 62100 Yard Enforcer Motion Activated Sprinkler

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Features at a glance
  • Keeps cats and other animals away from plants, yards, and gardens by sprinkling harmless water on them.
  • The sprinkler can work for the day, night only, or 24/7 hence providing flexibility.
  • Easy to insert it into soil or turf, and the spikes will hold it firmly in place.
  • It can cover up to 70 feet in diameter and 3,840 square feet when used on a full circle.
  • It works on 4 AA alkaline batteries and needs little water per activation.

We all want to protect our house from stray cats and other animals or our lawn from annoying insects such as bugs and flies without using toxic chemicals, dangerous repellents, or expensive fencing? Then try this Orbit yard enforcer. It is the best motion activated sprinkler that offers wide coverage of 1600 sq. Feet. This sprinkle sensor can detect movement from up to 40 feet, and its sprinkler can burst up to 35 feet. In this way, the sprinkle is safe, effective, and simple to use as well.
The Orbit yard enforcer is the only deterrent sprinkler that features a day or night option, which means you can easily adjust the device as per your requirements on different settings for optimal protection. The flexibility that it offers is matchless. It allows you to adjust from three settings; either you can use the device for the whole day, full night, or you can set it on 24/7 protection.
With 35 feet high power sprinkler and 30-minute water adjustments, you can use orbit enforcer as a cat deterrent or as a regular water sprinkler for your lawn or garden.

What We Like!
  • Flexible and effective motion sprinkle.
  • Coverage and burst power are long and superb.
  • The device is multi-purpose; you can use it as a deterrent or as a normal sprinkler.
What We Didn't Like!
  • Some animals, including stray cats, can attack the device from behind, and if it falls, no safety.

2. Best electric cat repellent: Pest-Soldier Sentinel Outdoor Pest Ultrasonic Repeller

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Features at a glance
  • It is the first electronic pest deterrent on the market, and the coverage is wide up to 5,000 square feet.
  • You can set the device for security at day, Night, or 24/7 for your lawn, patio, or on the place where protection is required.
  • The device is uniquely designed, and you can set it anywhere.
  • The device includes an Adjustable dial that enables you to get rid of stray and feral cats, dogs, mice, and more.
  • The device offers gentle and chemical-free control.

If you search for a device that doesn’t require any maintenance and after installing, you can stay comfortably, then this Pest-Soldier ultrasonic pest repeller is your best bet. Pest-Soldier is water-proof, and that makes it safe for outdoor uses. But it does not mean that it is not useable indoors. The Pest-Soldier ultrasonic pest repeller resembles a glowing eye that gives the stray cats a hint that someone keeps an eye on them, which keeps them off from your yard or garden.
Once it detects any activity around the covered area, it gives powerful ultrasonic sound waves loud enough to deter stray cats. The range is wide, and the device can effectively cover 5000 sq. Feet. You can operate the device via batteries or a standard plug. The installation is also pretty straightforward, just place it on the wall, a shed, or a fence and set the sound frequency dial to send the signal to invaders.
Lastly, the device is perfect for keeping away the stray cats and other animals as well.

What We Like!
  • Overall quality if the device is reliable.
  • Safe to use in extreme weather conditions.
  • The coverage that it provides is extensive enough.
What We Didn't Like!
  • The sounds that it generates can be loud for human beings.

3. Best Outdoor Cat Repellent: Nature’s Mace Cat Repellent

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Features at a glance
  • Natures Mace Cat repellent works by creating a sensory barrier and attacks the sense of smell and taste of stray cats.
  • Perfect for outdoor use, such as garden, lawns, and landscaped areas. You can also use it in your basements, cellars, and warehouses.
  • It includes Mace Cat Proprietary Technology to keep the treated areas clear from cats.
  • The repellent is Weather-Resistant.
  • The repellent is safe to use around humans, plants, and vegetation.

If neighborhood cats or stray cats are annoying to too much or you just want to keep your pet cat away from any particular in your lawn or garden, go for this outdoor cat repellent, Nature’s Mace Cat Repellent. You can easily spray this solution outdoors, and all the stray cats will find its smell and taste unappealing; hence will wander off from your yard.
It contains a unique formula and includes ingredients like peppermint, citronella and lemongrass oils, and water. The smell of the mixture is bearable for humans, but for cats, it is unbearable. Thanks to the proprietary sticking agent technology, this repellent’s active duration, and effectiveness are much better than other similar products in the market.
The solution is perfect for outdoor places such as lawn and garden, but you can also use it in a basement or similar places. The mixture is completely safe to spray around plants and vegetation.
It comes with ready-to-use spray bottles as well as in the large bottles. The price of this mixture is affordable, and the value that it offers for its price is also great – all in all, an effective outdoor repellent to permanently get rid of stray cats.
The only minor issue with it is that you will initially have to reapply for weeks to maintain the effectiveness.

What We Like!
  • Probably the best outdoor cat repellent that contains an all-natural, 100% biodegradable formulation.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Works for both feral and stray cats. It can be used in gardens, lawns, yards, garages, and storage areas.
  • It comes with ready to use a spray bottle and also in a large container.
  • The product is backed by a 100% satisfaction guaranteed by the makers.
What We Didn't Like!
  • The only drawback of this repellent is that you will have to apply it at least twice a week.

4. Best Ultrasonic Cat Repellent: Wikomo Ultrasonic Repeller Solar-Powered Animal Repeller

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Features at G glance
  • To protect your property, it uses IR Motion Sensors that can detect any moving object, and upon detecting, it triggers an alarm and flashlight to deter unwanted animals, including stray cats.
  • It deters cats and other animals without harming them or without any toxic chemicals.
  • The device is easy to use; just insert it in the ground or hang it on the wall. Suitable for your garage, yard, patio, driveways, gardens, farms, ponds, etc.
  • The device is easy to carry, so you can also use it on your camping trips.
  • You can charge the repellent by solar energy, and it comes with 3 AA rechargeable batteries.
  • The device works effectively in extreme weather, such as rain, snow, and ice, as it is waterproof.
  • 6-month money-back guarantee and 1-year free replacement warranty.

Next, we have an eco-friendly repeller, the Wikomo Ultrasonic Solar Powered Repeller. It is a great way to deter stray cats and other animals from your backyard or lawn without using any harsh chemicals. It operates through a motion sensor that can catch when cats try to enter the off-limits area, and an ultrasonic sound and LED flashlight will scare the invading cats and creature away. It is the most humane way to keep the cats out. The device works using solar power, so don’t worry about replacing the AA batteries very soon. The device comes with a stake that you can insert directly into the soil or hang it on a wall or fence.
The device is completely waterproof, so you can safely use it in harsh weather conditions outdoors. It features five different settings with different frequencies that you can use according to your needs and preferences. During our testing, we noticed that lower settings are perfect for deterring stray cats.
Lastly, the makers back their product with a six-month money-back guarantee so you can buy it with confidence.

What We Like!
  • The device works by using solar power.
  • Simple to use and comes with a stake.
  • Safe to use in rain, snow, and outdoor areas.
  • The alarm sound is loud.
What We Didn't Like!
  • The device is great for small areas but not that effective for large areas.

5. Best cat repellent mat: Daiso Japan’s Cat Repellent Mat

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Features at a glance
  • The usage of the mat is simple; just place it where the cat is likely to come, in your garden, around the planter box, under the eaves, near the window sills, etc.
  • The mat will deter the cats and other small animals without seriously hurting them.
  • The mat is made of high-quality plastic materials and is also weatherproof.
  • You can also cut the mat as per your needs.
  • The tip of the mat is sharp but not sharp to cause any injury.

This cat repellent is different from the other products on this list this Daiso Japan’s cat repellent mat measures around 19.3×5.6×1.1 inches. To achieve the desired results, just place this Cat Repellent Mat in the areas where you expect the unwanted guests and let the magic begin. Usually, it is placed in the most problematic areas or in the area where you witness the activity daily, such as on windowsills and in the garden.
The overall construction of the mat is sturdy and highly durable. It is made of high-quality plastic, which is safe to use outdoors as it is weatherproof. The mat contains on top of it, which is sharp enough to keep the stray cats and other small creatures away. But these will not harm the cats badly. The mat is simple to use, and you can also cut it as per your requirements.
Apart from wandering off the stray cats, you can also use this mat to control or restrict your pet cat’s movement in your home.
Overall, it’s an affordable product and handy repellent that will surely permanently eliminate stray cats and other small animals.

What We Like!
  • The mat is entirely safe to use outdoor. It is weatherproof.
  • The construction of the mat is reliable, and it is highly durable.
  • Effective repellent against stray cats.
  • Safe to use both outdoor and indoors.
What We Didn't Like!
  • For large areas, the size of the mat can be a little short.

Difference between Stray cats and Feral Cats

This might not be part of our topic, but we find it important to classify between the two:
The significant difference between the stray cats and feral cats is that the stray cats are the cats that once used to live in a house and have an owner, just like pet cats, but due to some reason, they are separated. On the other hand, feral cats are the ones that are born and raised in the wild.
Both the stray cats and feral cats can cause destruction in your garden with their fecal matter, may consume the food of your pets, urinate in your garden or street, like to sit on the cars, and can cause trouble with their nonstop grousing and fights.
Furthermore, these stray cats carry diseases and parasites with them. So when roaming around your house, near to your pets and kids, these can cause some serious health problems, and that’s the point where you began to think about how to get rid of stray cats permanently.

Humane ways to Keep Stray Cats Out


Feeding a stray cat let the cat stick around your house because you’re offering food that requires very little or no effort to get. Feeding a homeless cat means you are also feeding the cat’s family, relatives, and friends. So, your house becomes a buffet for the cats.
So, do not offer food to stray cats intentionally or unintentionally. Similarly, don’t leave the remaining of your pets outdoors where the cats can eat them. If the problem is severe, we will advise you not to feed birds for some days. Eliminating all the food sources will give them no reason to wander around the house. Keep the trash bins closed properly, as trash is also a food source for stray cats.


A motion-activated sprinkler is quite effective in scaring the stray cats, as it gives them an unpleasant surprise: a lot of water. Since cats don’t like to get wet, they will hesitate to come to that particular area again. These motion sprinklers and motion-sensing lights can also sense the motion in a particular area and activate if any movement is detected. Place the sensors away from a place where other people or vehicles may activate it.
Eliminate Potential Homes and Make It Hard to Dig
Usually, the warm and dry places are preferred by the stray cats for shelter. So don’t provide them warm and dry places on your house; they’ll move on in a short time. But how will you do this? Well, you can use a fence on your porch and try to keep all the entries closed and sealed. Furthermore, stray cats also like to dig the ground; to prevent this, you can use the lining of chicken wires in your garden or lawn.

Use Ammonia

To keep stray cats out of your gardens, you can use a solution made of Parsons Ammonia and plain water. Take three parts of Parsons Ammonia and one part of water. Now, put this mixture in any plate or dish and place it in the area where you have seen the cats. This solution’s smell is not very pleasant to cats, and it will keep the cats away. Spray it around your garden or property to keep the stray cats away.

Pet Dog

If you love dogs and don’t have any, consider getting one for your cat problem. On the other hand, you can use place rubber snakes on your lawn where stray cats can easily see them. These enemies of cats will not allow them to wander around your house.

Make Cat Repellents

Even though stray cats like the strong smell, such as fish smell, they don’t like other strong odors. For instance, the smell of citrus-scented items is not pleasant for stray cats. It means you can use things that emit strong odors such as orange and lemon peels to get rid of stray cats.
Some other domestic wastes like coffee grounds and essential oils, especially that have lavender, citronella, and eucalyptus, are effective cat repellents. Simply spray these around your house and backyard to keep the cats away.

String to fence

Add string at the top of the fence can also help to deter the stray cats. The addition of string will make it tough for cats to cross. You can also apply the oil on the top of the fence if you have a wire fence. The oil will act as a deterrent.

Techniques to Avoid

Regardless of the severity of the cat problem in your house, there are some methods that you should never use to keep the stray cats out of your property. These methods are:
Use of poisons or any toxic item that can kill them.
Shooting them, even with the pellet guns.
Brutal traps, such as the glue traps.
Violent dogs or other aggressive animals.
These methods are hard to control but applying them against stray cats can break up the local laws. Furthermore, because these techniques are volatile, implementing them can have adverse effects against others, such as your neighbor’s pets, other animals, or the birds.

Best Cat Repellents: Your options

Repellents are the most human way as you need not kill any animal. Let us review some available repellents in the market.

Cat repellent sprays

Cat repellent sprays contain organic or inorganic chemical solutions that are uniquely designed to keep the cats away from your property either through strong smell or taste or together. Usually, cat repellents for outdoor uses have a stronger odor than indoor cat repellents. Cat repellents are safe to use around pets, garden flowers or plants, and vegetation. The effects of cat repellent sprays remain for up to 3-4 days, after which you will have to spray again. The cat repellent sprays are not only effective for stray cars but also other pests.

Cat repellent granules and powder:

Cat repellent granules are almost the same as the cat repellent sprays. The major difference between the two is that the cat repellent granules or powders contain a more intense formula and are used on the soil. Mostly, the cat repellent granules are water-resistant, and you can also use them in extreme weather. These are much more effective than the cat repellent sprays. The effects of granules and powders are also long-lasting than sprays and remain for up to 20 to 30 days.

Ultrasonic Cat repellent/deterrent devices:

Ultrasonic car repellents are electrical devices that produce an animal-audible ultrasonic noise to keep the invading cats and other pests away from your property. These devices work through infrared motion sensors to sense the movement or presence of any object or animal. The range of these devices is quite wide. Some ultrasonic repellent feature strobe-lights as a warning to the cats. Most of these ultrasonic devices work by solar power, whereas some rely on battery power or A/C adapters.

Motion-activated sprinkler cat deterrent devices:

These motion-activated sprinklers are the most gentle way to deter stray cats and other pests. In these devices, no toxic chemicals and no loud ultrasonic noises are present. These motion sprinkles keep away the invading cats and other animals by just sprinkling a burst of water on them and surprising them. According to many users and experts, the water sprinkler cat deterrents are the most useful resolution for stray cats. But be careful when using because they can also surprise the unsuspecting passersby apart from stray cats.

Prickle strips and scat mats:

Cats don’t like to walk on uneven or prickling surfaces. Scat and prickle mats are also effective cat deterrent. These mats are used on particular hot-spots. You can also place them around the trees and walls to prevent stray cats from mounting on them. However, there is a minus point in the mats as well. To cover a large place such as your backyard, garden, lawn, or driveway, you will need many of these scat mats. Mostly, these cat deterrent strips and mats are used in combinations with deterrents to give proper coverage.

Wrapping it Up

No one likes the presence of stray cars, especially when they cause havoc in the garden or backyard. Regardless of the cat repellent you want to use, the essential thing is patience, especially when purchasing or using it for the first time. The process might be slow for you, but it will work, and by using the best cat deterrent, you can get rid of stray cats permanently.

FAQ’s about Stray Cats

Why is it important to repel the stray cats?
Apart from being an irritation, stray cats can also poop in your yard, which is a severe health concern. Cats poop contains different pathogens that are dangerous to you and your family’s health.
So, for your family’s safety and better health, you must permanently get rid of stray cats.
Furthermore, no one likes the bad smell of cat urine, which is long-lasting as well, and definitely, you don’t want this unpleasant smell in your garden, lawn, and yard or your house, especially when you are relaxing on the patio or porch. So that was another primary reason that makes it necessary to repel the stray cats from your home.
How can I stop stray cats from destroying my flowers and plants?
Cat poop or urine is not the only thing that can damage your beautiful garden. Some stray cats that visit into your backyard or patio may also eat or damage your plants severely.
To repel the stray cats, try the natural remedies that we have mentioned above, or if the problem is severe, you can use any cat repellent product to protect the plants and flowers in your garden.
Will bleach stop the stray cats?
No. It is a significant misconception among most people. Bleach will not stop the stray cat from coming into your yard. Bleach contains a harmful chemical that can hurt the cats seriously. So we will never recommend the use of bleach to repel the stray cats or any other animal.
What to Look in a Cat Repellent?
There are some essential things to look out for in a cat repellent:

Before shopping for a cat repellent, decide where and how you are going to use the device. Either you want to use the repellent indoor or only outdoor. Or you need a product that is perfect for both indoor and outdoor. There are cat repellents that are only suitable for indoor uses, whereas some are versatile, and you can use them outside as well.
Coverage area
This is a crucial factor. Before purchasing the stray cat repellent, you should exactly know that do you want to keep stray cats out of your yard or are you just trying to keep your pet cat away from the kitchen counter? Some cat repellents are only suitable for small areas’ a few feet. But some cat repellents have wide coverage, and they can cover up to 5,000 square feet or even more.
Before purchasing a new product, make sure that it is durable. The same applies to cat deterrents. If the repellant is not useful, it is a waste of your precious time and hard-earned money. And you will probably look for other ways to repel stray cats from visiting your house. Since cats have great smelling power, they can easily recognize frequented places because of their smell alone. If you can cover their smell with anything else, you can repel them from coming back. However, if your repellant is not effective or only useful for a short time, the cats may return.
How to get rid of cat pee smell?
First, identify the area where the cats’ pees or the place that smells. Then wash it thoroughly with a watering can to remove the urine.
Now, make a mixture with two parts plain water and 1 part white vinegar. Shake the mixture and pour it into a spray bottle, and use it on the affected areas.
Legal issues and how to tackle them?
As much as you want to repel stray cats or any other animal from your house, you should keep in mind that there might be some legal complications if not handled appropriately. For this reason, always tell your neighbor before using a cat repellent because if somehow a failure occurs, that can result in arguments or even lawsuits. However, in this case, most neighbors will realize your frustrations and will cooperate with you.
Furthermore, never use any harmful or toxic ingredient against the stray cats to deter them. Besides, never hit them or spray on them with a hose or pressure washer. In many states, it is against the law, so you should avoid hurting the stray cats in any way.

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