How to Get Rid of Termites

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I guess you have heard the word ‘TERMITES’ They are like destructive armies that can destroy if you do not get alarmed timely. Termite can eat our wooden house gradually.
They can eat a7 digest wood containing cellulose (such as paper, cardboard, and live plants). They can also eat leather, dead leaves, food, and other products.

Products to Getting Rid of Termites

You can go through all the related products to deal with termite.

1. Bayer Advanced Termite Killer Plus

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This is the best product for eliminating termites from the root. Firstly, for those who have been facing the attacks of termites and want to get rid of them, here is a wonderful and final solution for them named Bayer Advanced 700310 Carpenter Ant and Termite Killer Plus Concentrate, 40-Ounce.
In the second point, we can use it for house foundation, porches, lawns, trenches, wooden things, and garages too. We can mix 40 Oz with water and apply it with a tank sprayer.
Thirdly, we cannot use it only for one purpose but also for carpenters, carpenter bees, and termites. Lastly, we see it in liquid form. We have a solution and a protector together. Its specifications are 5 x 2.6 x 10.2 inches, 40 Oz, and 2.5 pounds.

What We Like!
  • The best solution to eliminate the pests
  • 40 Oz and liquid farm with the help of a sprayer
  • Killer of many killers like carpenter bees, ants, spiders, crickets, fleas, flies
  • Our house protector
  • Wood-guard
  • Effective home barrier treatment
  • Controls carpenter bees
  • Kills 75 Other listed pests
What We Didn't Like!
  • May be expensive
  • The results may take 20 minutes

2. Spectracide Termite Detection & Killing

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In this modern world, we have modern and new ways of detecting the termites and to stop them before their attack. This kit comes with 15 killing stakes (can get more separately) and one digging auger. What we have to do with this kit? This is a question that may be flying in the mind of how we can use it.
First, take the auger, dig holes 2 to 3 feet away from the foundation and no more than 10 feet apart. The second step is to insert the stakes into the holes and then monitor the pop-up termite indicators to see their activity. After that, the termite indicator will pop up if the bait inside has been disturbed.
To check, pull the stake from the ground, clean dirt off of it, and hold it up to the light to see inside. If any material inside is missing or if the bait appears to be tattered, then it is a piece of shocking news and alarm for you. With the help of this product, we can detect them and kill them before the entrance.

What We Like!
  • New & innovative method
  • Can detect our enemies easily
  • 2 pounds and 4 x 12 x 16 inches
  • Device before attack
  • We have shields and a digging tool.
  • Can use it for a long duration
  • Can buy it at an affordable price
What We Didn't Like!
  • You would have to drill the land and set the stakes

3. Taurus SC 20 oz bottle-Termiticide Generic Termidor

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As far as our third product is concerned, it is a solution that we can sue pre and post termite treatments or for security. Taurus SC 20oz comes in a liquid form and we can use it for our homes to protect them from termites and other harmful and dangerous insects.
After that, we can get better results against Termites, Beetles, Black Widow Spiders, Box-elder Bugs, Brown Recluse Spiders, Centipedes, Cluster Flies, Cockroaches, House Crickets, Millipedes, Pill Bugs, and Silverfish. We have discussed a lot of insects, but Taurus SC 20oz kills them and gives results immediately.
Lastly, the liquid can be used for many purposes, and many areas are either affected or not.

What We Like!
  • The best choice for protection
  • The shape of the bottle is beautiful.
  • The quality and quantity together
  • After one hour, we can see the results
  • 20 oz bottle
  • Good products
  • Kills many insects at the spot
  • Can kill the whole colony
What We Didn't Like!
  • You would have to wait for more results

4. Cedar Bug-Free Termiticide | Get Rid of Termites

Termite Control - Cedar Bug-Free Termiticide. Natural Termite Treatment1

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The next product for review is cedar Bug-Free Termiticide. If you want to kill termites` generations then you are at the right place, at the right time, with the right product. The next thing is its working procedure.
Whenever we will spread it or use it, it will affect insects` breathing system, and cedar Bug-Free Termiticide would not let them breathe, then they will be dead due to the closed system of breathing that cannot re-open.
After that, you can even use it at your home if you do not have a license and one more thing is that we don’t find it harmful for our health, but you should keep it away from children and eyes.
Lastly, we have noticed that termites lay eggs at the spot and give birth to a new generation, but Cedar Bug-Free Termiticide is a wonderful solution that eliminates their eggs and larvae too.

What We Like!
  • Can use it easily
  • Not harmful to us
  • A lot of benefits in one bottle because it kills subterranean Formosan termites, dry wood termites, powder post beetles, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, and other wood-destroying pests
  • No stains, no effects but the good and long-lasting result
  • 100% pure and genuine
  • Imported, proved, and certified by many companies.
What We Didn't Like!
  • You would have to apply it for two to three times in high traffic areas

5. Rodent Sheriff- Repels | Get Rid of Termites

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As the name is clear to us that it is a killer that keeps many enemies away effectively without taking too much time. We often face many problems due to insects and many other creatures, but today, we have a multi-killer. Rodent Sheriff keeps our wooden house and things safe from termites and other dangerous creatures. We would have just to spray this 8 oz bottle.
Another twisting thing is that we can sue it for flowers, gardens, lawns, and grass. We often experience many pesticides that harm our children, but it does not at all. Lastly, we can spray easily with this handy-bottle without spending too much time.

What We Like!
  • A mint scent that keeps mice, termites, raccoons, cockroaches, ants, and roaches away from our area
  • We can use this spray in many areas.
  • A rodent is safe to use around children and pets.
  • Spray around trash cans, in attic and garages, or anywhere rodents may roam.
  • Have only one bottle and no more things to handle
What We Didn't Like!
  • The smell may be sensitive.
  • It contains chemicals

6. Cedar Termiticide Natural Termite Treatment

Termite Control - Cedar Bug-Free Termiticide. Natural Termite Treatment

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The next product to review is Cedar Bug-Free Termiticide Natural Treatment Spray – 32 oz. if you have been facing problems due to the pests then you must try termiticide natural product to feel free from, future attacks and losses.

As far as this termite spray is concerned, it comes in a handy-bottle that we can use easily and spray it to keep our home safe from these killers like dry wood termites, subterranean Formosan termites, powder post beetles, carpenter bees, carpenter ants, and other wood-destroying pests.

After applying it on the surfaces, we must wait and see how it has killed these enemies. Mostly, people use it for outdoors and indoors purposes. We can use it by using a low garden sprayer.

What We Like!
  • Can use it easily
  • Termite in a bottle with 320z
  • Not harmful to us
  • A bottle can be a savior and a warrior for us.
  • The best product to kill termites and long-lasting result
  • We gave 100% pure and genuine product in front of us.
  • Certified by many companies.
What We Didn't Like!
  • It has chemicals

7. Termidor Foam | Get Rid of Termites

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The second last product is Termidor foam. To use this product easily and effectively, you would have to take a drill and drill small holes in the wall. If you have suspension then you must drill the holes 18 inches up from the floor having 4 to 5 inches distance.
There is a fipronil chemical that we use to eradicate the pests and protect the things. Termidor foam, we can use it for many places like homes, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and apartments. When you apply, it will spread into the wall like air.
After applying the foam into the affected area, you must wait for some days to see the results. Don’t worry about the late result, but it will be in your favor.

What We Like!
  • Can apply it to the wall
  • A foam spray in a bottle with a pipe
  • Can buy it at an affordable price
  • It can use it in many areas like homes, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and apartments.
  • Fipronical foam
What We Didn't Like!
  • The drill will be the requirement of this product.
  • We should not apply it in a classroom when in use

8. Advance Termite Bait Stations | Get Rid of Termites

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The last but not least product is Advance termite bait stations. We can install them into the soil. This installing system will prevent the termites to enter into the house through foundations, windows, and doors.
What we have to do? We have to dig the soil and install the bait stations but 5 feet away from the house` foundations. After that, every station comes with a spider tool to re-open it after three months.
If there is any termites activity, we can see it, and these bait stations can prevent them from entering the house. Lastly,

What We Like!
  • Prevents termites to enter in the house
  • Long-lasting device
  • Can check its working procedure
  • Weight 15.2 ounces
  • 19 x 11.3 x 7.9 inches
What We Didn't Like!
  • Expensive

That was all about the products that can be used to eradicate termites, insects from the surface. Now, we are going to discuss the benefits and features of products for termites.

Species of Termites

As we have discusses these species, they are tiny but large at destroying the things without spending the moments. There are many types of these insects, but we will discuss three majors; dry wood, subterranean, and damp wood.


Drywood termites eat the wood because it is their special snack and dish. They may enter your house if you have a large number of furniture at your home. They will cause too much money. If there are small patches on your wooden material, then they will surely eat it. Their physical description contains 3/8 size, light-brown color, and their colonies may have 2,500 plus members.


Dampwood is fond of wet wood, and if your house does not get sunlight and it is the rainy season, you should be ready for termites. If we talk about their physical description, they have a brownish color, ½ to 5/8 long, and they don’t dig or make any connection with the soil.


This creature lives under the soil and wood and eats the wood and try to connect soil with it. When you have brown soil on the surface of wood and honeycomb, it means they are here to get the wood. It is a quick method to identify them quickly. Lastly, they are 1/8 in size, creamy brown color, and one more thing is that they have 10,000 to 1,000,000 plus houses in a colony

Life Cycle and Family

Firstly, they live in their colonies with different rankings and division. As far as the colony is concerned, it has three castes: the first one is reproductive in which there are two members: (king and queen), the second one consists of soldiers, and the third one consists of workers.
When there are moisture and wood, it means termites will build a house and ready an army for attack and destruction. In the spring and fall, you will see them. After that, there will be sexual activity between the king and queen, then the female (queen) starts laying eggs.
Laying the eggs, the new generation will be out of them to destroy the people`s money. Then, 2 to 6 months, the workers will act like soldiers, and when they get another female, they start doing reproduction with her to maximize the population. Lastly, the cycle keeps on repeating.

Termite as a Dish

But one more interesting thing is that they are being eaten and were eaten like food. Many countries like Africa and Asia, they eat them as a spicy dish. A report says that, after the 10th-century, people started to eat some species of termites.
In Nigeria, they are roasted and cocked. As far as the system of catching them is concerned, people catch them during their flight or when their wings fell off. After that, they put them into the bowl, wash them, clean them, and let them be cocked.
One more twisting case is that medical scientists have started to use them for medicine. Oh, my goodness. The scientists report that these termites are good for protein and also for medicine.
Last but not least case is that they are divided into three categories; Soldiers, workers, and Queen.
The ratio of the crude protein content of the soldiers is found higher than the workers and Queen. The highest mineral element is sodium in Queen, while the least mineral is manganese in the soldiers. They are full of vitamins A, and C. Workers termites keep the highest vitamin C content, while Queen has the highest vitamin A content. Anti- nutrient compositions in Macrotermes bellicosus are considerably low.

History of Termites

If we pick up the examples from history, they caused billions of dollars.
These pests were present about 145 to 66 million years ago. The National Pest Management Association estimated that termites could cause as much as $5 billion in property damage each year. So, we can say that they are small in size, but they are big at work. As far as their family and species are concerned, there are around 3000 species of termites in the entire world, but we have few at present.

Causes of the Appearance of Termites?

As their names; dry wood, damp wood, and subterranean, are clear to us, then their catchy things will be clear. We are going to discuss a chain that is strongly connected.

Wood ( a massage for them)

The first cause is wood. The wood is the most attractive thing that gives a weaving signal to this tiny creature. Termites mostly eat damp and dry wood. Most things are made of wood, like furniture, chairs, tables, and doors. Some of them enter the house through wood and mud. We can say that these are their main area of interest.


The second cause is moisture. After dealing with the wood, it is not clear yet because when you have moisture and your goods while being witty, there are 90% chances of termite attack. Even improper wastage system leaked pipes, and shabby areas can be the cause of pests` attack.

Rainy Season

The rainy season is an eating season for them to attack and destroy the things even these things are alive or dead because it is not their concern.

Cracking in Building

Some cracks in the building can give them proper entrance to the houses. For instance, cracks around windows, doors, and walls are the main source of their entrance.

Environment Effects

Last but not least cause is the environment. It depends upon whether you are living in an area that is surrounded by greenery and woods too.

How to get rid of Termites?

As the title is how to get rid of termites, that`s why we will discuss what type of products and suggestions are over there to eradicate them from the surface. You have your own experience, your own choices, but today, we have more and more. We need to know how to keep them away and prevent them from not eating our things because they come like troops and eat like hungry men and go like air.

Natural Termite Control

We will discuss what type of chemical products are over there to kill termites, but some people may be fond of natural ways to kill them, but we also discuss chemical products.
Here we are going to discuss the things in a small bundle of suggestions. So, let`s begin from the very beginning.

1) Boric acid
Boric acid is used for infections, but we can use it for termites. We find it so effective that it can be found in different insecticides made to fight off these prowlers. It will harm these prowlers` nervous systems and dehydrates them.
You would have to mix it with sugar and fill it into bottles. If we do this for two to three weeks, it will also attract and eradicate cockroaches and ants. Lastly, this solution is not harmful to you, but you would have to keep your eyes protected. The last suggestion for your family is that keep it away from children and pets too.
2) The kitchen salt
This is the first suggestion and killer that can keep them away and can derive them away from imported things as we know that salt can clean many things easily, and it can prevent termites from appearing.
So, we have to mix equal parts of salt and water and soak some cotton balls in the mixture. After that, put soaked cotton on the furniture and wooden things and exceptional affecting areas. To conclude, cotton contains cellulose, and it attracts them while salt derives them away.

3) Vaseline
Some people will be shocked that even we can use Vaseline to eradicate termites. It is homemade, but it does not kill them at all. But it will keep deadly pests away from your gadgets and goods.
4) Sun
One of the greatest sources to eliminate them is sunlight. They are fond of wet places and wet woods and live where there is no sunlight. What you would have to do, just try to let the sunlight reach every corner of your house, and if you have doubt or surety, you should keep the furniture in the sunlight, and these termites will automatically die. The sunlight is an alarm of death for them. Lastly, the more heat you give them, the more deaths and results you will see.

5) Vinegar
The fifth formula is vinegar. We have it at home easily, and just you would have to take it and mix it with two or three lemons, and then you have a prescription in your hands. We can keep it in a bottle and use it when needed.
6) Nematodes
The sixth one is nematodes. This may be unsuitable, but you can buy these worms on the internet from different stores because they love to eat termites, and in this way, you can eliminate them easily.
7) Orange oil
If we have orange` peels, then we can prepare this killer to kill them. When they taste this, they will certainly die due to their bitterness. Orange oil is helpful to keep the termites away.
8) Barriers
The second last is a barrier. If we dig barriers around our home and make barriers twice, we keep our home safe. It may be a time taking process but will be beneficial for us. If you cannot do that, you should call labor to do that, and your home will be free from termites` attack.
9) Other tips
Here we go with many more tips. We should check that our home is 100% ok now, or does it have any problem? Many areas could not get sunlight, and these areas will affect the whole house.
So, try to cover them as soon as possible you can. Secondly, don’t keep furniture in this type of area. Thirdly, damp wood is food and a signal for them. You must keep it away or, on the other hand, dry. Fourthly, don’t let the dead leaves in your house. Clean them properly. Lastly, if you want more protection, you must call an exterminator.

Exclusive Features of Termite Products

  • Contain chemicals and scents that keep them away from the use
  • These products are available at affordable prices
  • The quickest way to get rid of them
  • They are an easy source to eradicate the termites
  • Protectors for our sweet homes, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and apartments
  • Their packing is attractive and beautiful
  • We can use them for our protection
  • Many more ways to kill them
  • Contain natural chemicals; however, they are not harmful to our family and pets
  • We have qualities and quantities together.
  • Certified by many companies

Benefits of Termites Products

  • They are useful for the protection of wooden material and our home
  • We don’t need to spend too much money because they are selling like hotcakes nowadays.
  • Don’t need to hire any professional or a team because we have a professional killer at home and on our hands too.
  • These products keep us safe from termites` s attack.
  • When we use them, we get feedback at the spot of some hours or days later.
  • Anyone can use these products to handle the problems he/ she facing due to these naughty and deadly creatures.

After dealing with these products’ features and benefits, we will move towards our next task, which is how to get rid of termites.

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FAQ’s about Termite

Question: is there any difference between ants and termites?

Yes, there is a huge difference between ants and termites. Firstly, termites are more destructive than ants. If we talk about their bodies and looks, then.
We see that termites have relatively straight antennae.

While on the other hand, ants have elbowed antennae. Secondly, the termite abdomen is broadly joined to the thorax, with no waist, but ants have a narrow waist and appear segmented.

Question: Do they harm us or not?

We should always be alert with termites because they can sting and bite us whether we harm them or not; however, there are no harmful effects of their stings, but their saliva may cause you allergic reactions that can be dangerous for you.

Question: Will termites leave after eating the things?

We cannot say it surely because you would have to remove them completely. If you don’t do that, they will destroy your whole house and not leave anything in its real shape.

Question: Can we buy eliminating products for removing them?

Yes, we can buy many products. If we don’t want to buy chemical products, then we have natural products. It is up to us whether we buy them or not.

Question: Is it hard to get rid of termites?

No, this is not hard to kill them because we have wonderful solutions and techniques to eradicate them quickly and immediately.

Question: What type of pests these products and solution can kill?

These products can kill Termites, Beetles, Black Widow Spiders, Box-elder Bugs, Brown Recluse Spiders, Centipedes, Flies, Cockroaches, House Crickets, and Millipedes.

Question: How many times can we use pesticides and Termiticide?

We can use them for a long time. Some products like Spectracide 95852 Terminate Termite Detection Killing Stakes, 15 Count. There are many more products that we can use for long-lasting results.

Question: Are sprays good for killing these insects?

Yes, they are the best option to kill them because they are easy to do. Sometimes they are handy and easy to carry.

Question: Can we use them for trees?

Of course, we can use them for garden beds, trees, lawns, flowers, and plants, too, because they don’t contain harmful materials and ingredients. They are natural and pure.

Question: Can we use a chemical method only to remove termites?
There are many more natural ways and formulas to eliminate this problem, like sunlight, Vaseline, orange oil, vinegar, and salt.

Question: What thing attracts them more, and how they look like?
Wood attracts them more because it contains cellulose that is their sweet dish and they like it most. Some of them are brownish; some of them have creamy brown and some contain light brown color.

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