How to Get Bed Bugs Out of Your Hair

If your suffering from the problem of bed bugs in your hair, then you are in the right place; here in this article, we are going to tell you the complete in-depth information about this; this post is all about to Get Bed Bugs out from Your Hair, So without any further delay let’s start with the article.

Can Bed Bugs get in your hair?

Yes, Bed bugs can get in your hair, But they don’t want to live in your hair or any of your body parts. Bed bugs are in search of a dark. They prefer to be in the dark, like challenging to reach places in your house, such as the storage compartment, under the bed, and in your bedroom.

If you’re currently dealing with an infestation, then in most of the conditions you wear bought in from any of your friends, either from a bus, train, or flight. Talking about the bed bugs, they multiply rapidly in a short time and tend to grow to substantial numbers. Bed Bugs retired eggs in cracks and crevices and productive you at night to feed your blood. At this time, when they travel at night, they may hide in your hair.

When a bed bugs come to your hair one time, they will start to produce the eggs, and in the result. After some time, you will see them in your hair on a large scale.

Bed bugs do not cause much harm like lice, but they will rapidly multiply themselves and move all over your body from the head to the leg in search of the blood. Many people visit the doctor when they see bed bugs in hair—nothing to worry about. Now the problem is rectified, you can quickly get rid of them after following the below experts’ approved methods.

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Get Bed Bugs Out of Hair?

For this, follow the below guidelines.

Get Rid of Bed Bugs in your Home First!

When you notice the bed bugs in your hair, then you should try to get rid of bed bugs in your home first, Because if you wash your hair and, after the hard work of time altogether, remove the bed bugs from your hair, they can quickly come back to your hair at the night when you sleep. So it doesn’t make any sense. When you notice the bed bugs in your hair, You should take the critical step to get rid of them from your hair and home.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Wash Your Hair

First, wash your hair, and also all your cloth and pillow covers. You should use hot water and the best shampoo.
After washing, all the cloth and pillow cover dry them at the hottest possible temperature to kill all the live bed bugs or eggs.

If you are still facing bed bugs after washing the hair, it’s time to visit a medical professional who can recommend the best shampoo containing a safe insecticide.

If you want to solve the problem yourself, then follow the below steps,

  1. When washing your hair, you can mix essential oils such as Peppermint Oil, Almond Oil, or Cedar Oil in the shampoo; Those can help you repel and kill bed bugs.
  2. You should shave off the beard if you have; if you can not do this or don’t like to do them, then you need to follow the same steps for the beard also.
  3. Thoroughly wash all your hair with the hot water and the strong shampoo; repeat it till you feel your nose clean; it will help you to remove the eggs of bed bugs in your hair.
  4. You can also visit the local spa, which has a sauna Sauna surpassing 113 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures. This is the best process to kill all the bed bugs and their eggs in your hair; You need to wash your hair after this process.
  5. Alcohol will help kill bed bugs, But you need to repeat this treatment every week for some time, and it will also dry out your hair.

Mineral Oil or Olive oil

You can also apply mineral oil or olive oil to your hair; You should cover it with the shower cap at the night when you sleep to prevent your hair from bed bugs. This remedy can be beneficial in this process. According to some people, they only remove all the bed bugs using this technique.

One more thing, after applying the Mineral oil or Olive oil to your hair, you should wash the hair with an anti-lice solution or medicated shampoos for a better result.

The problem of bed bugs in the hair is common in the people who use the wigs or infested hairpieces. If your one of them, then immediately throw all those items.


Our professional team comprehensively researched this topic, we also talked with the experts and doctors, and after the complete study, we published this article.

I hope this article on How to get Bed Bugs out of your hair helps you get bed bugs out of your hair. If the article is useful for you in any manner, then kindly share it on social media; stay connected with us for future updates, Thanks.

FAQ’s about Bed Bugs

Can I Kill Them With a Hair Dryer?

Heat is always helpful in the process of getting bed bugs out of your hair. Still, the hairdryer is not useful for you in this condition because the hairdryer’s temperature is not sufficient to kill bed bugs or their eggs; you need to, at last, the temperature of 120 degrees or higher.

A temperature of 120 degrees or higher will burn your skin, so you should not try it. It is the best way to get rid of bed bugs with the help of heat. If you face the problem anywhere else, you can use the heat; in some conditions, heat will be the best option for getting them out.

Can bed bugs lay eggs in your hair?

Yes, As I tell you already, they are always searching for dark places to stay and lay their eggs. They feel more comfortable and safe in the dark places. When they come to your hair, If you have long hair, they will feel safe there, and as a result, bed bugs can lay eggs in your hair.

Bed bugs multiply them very quickly. If you face the problem of bed bugs, It is tough to remove them from your house altogether and if they are in your home. They can come back to your hair, so it is imperative to obliterate them.

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