Myths & Facts about Bed Bugs you Need to Know

A lot of interesting myths and facts about beg are famous; some of the gossips are true. Some are just myths, and still, people believe in those. It is an interesting walkthrough overall. Let us jump in!

Myths & Facts | Bed Bugs

This is a very critical issue. Different blogs present their ideas and approaches, so it’s complicated to recognize which is right, which is wrong.

Bedbugs have wings. They can fly.

People think bed bugs have wings, and they can fly, but it’s a significant myth bed bugs can not fly, not even jump.

Bed bugs can only crawl on the floor or maybe crawl to the bed.

Bedbugs lay eggs, reproduce quickly.

Usually, it’s a common approach that bed bugs reproduction rate is similar to other insects, but they are slow to reproduce.

Female bedbugs lay one egg in a day, and bedbugs take approximately ten days to hatch; comparatively, housefly have 500 eggs in a four to five days

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Bedbugs can live a year without a meal

According to scientific research, it’s proved that bed bugs are cold-blooded creatures; like other insects in cold weather conditions, its metabolism rate also slows down.

So, during hibernation, bugs take an insufficient quantity of food; that’s why people think bed bugs can survive without having a meal for a full year.

Bedbugs bite only in the dark.

It’s a common practice of bed bugs to crawl at night, especially under the mattress; people think there’s some particular link between darkness and bed bugs.

The fact is, these insects feed when they feel safe. It doesn’t matter its day time or night.

Bedbugs live exclusively in mattresses.

This is a real misconception, and it’s due to the specific name “bed bugs,” but these bugs are sometimes called pet bugs, train bugs, and suitcase bugs.

Bedbugs have no fixed place. They crawl on the floor, furniture, cracks of walls, and many more hidden areas.

Bedding is the only proper way to get rid.

If your mattress is infested, the old and waste concept then disposes and gets a new one because the mattress cannot be treated with insecticides.

This is not the way to get rid of bed bugs. You can use the heat control method or steam processing to tackle that kind of bed bugs.

Eggs and shed skins of bedbugs are a great sign of bed bug infestation?

You can say these are the signs, but sometimes you got confused with other insects’ skin or eggs.

Best recognition of infested area sees live bed bugs in your living place.

Bed bugs live only in big cities.

There is no specific place wherefrom bed a bug belongs to; almost every area has this fast-growing pest.

Bed Bugs Can Survive at -50°C.

Freezing techniques can help to reduce bed bugs from your place, but it’s not an immediate process; it can take a week or more than a week.

So bed bugs can survive for a week at a shallow temperature.

Bedbugs prefer unsanitary, urban conditions.

It’s a very great myth that bed bugs are the dirty routine around, but it’s wrong.

Originally they are not attracted by dirty conditions and smelly products but like to have blood smell.

Bedbugs transmit disease

This is fascinating bed bugs are not harmful creatures, but bed bug bites can make you lazy due to sleepless nights.

There is no case I have found in which bed bugs transfer their disease to a human.

You can spray bedbugs away.

If you want to remove bed bugs or take professional services, many insecticides sprays are available to overcome your problem.

Keep one thing in your mind. Use these sprays very carefully.

Chemicals are the only right way to get rid of bedbugs.

No, this is not true; there are many solutions available these days to get rid of bugs.

  • Home remedies to pest control
  • Herbal treatments
  • Heat and steaming treatment
  • Vacuum and cleaning treatment

The most Suitable temperatures for bed bugs survival are 70-80F (21 – 26 °C)

This is the temperature where bed bug reproduces, and 56°C is the temperature used in heat treatment to kill bed bugs.

Bed Bugs Are Predictable.

As you know, some facts about bed bugs

  • bed bugs are trying to attack their victims at night
  • Blood is the food of bed bug
  • They are trying to hide their bodies under furniture, cushions, etc

After having this information, you can say bed bugs are predictable

Female Bed bug Lays About 200-500 Eggs Averagely.

It’s an observation that a female bed bug able to lay 200 to 500 eggs incomplete life.

Bed bug’s average life is 300 days but in a proper environment and favorable conditions.

They Can Travel Approximately 30 Meters to Take a Bite.

Usually, bed bugs try to get their food from the near possible victims, but bed bugs never lose hope when they failed.

They try to cover some extra distance to get their meal in the form of fresh blood.

Bed Bugs Go Through Metamorphosis

Like other insects, bed bugs have many life stages, and they need blood as a meal to finish their life cycle.

It’s a strange reality, but it’s true.

Males Have an Edgy Abdomen.

It’s a natural reality males always have extra power; in the same way, males have more weight and edgy abdomen.

Size of Adults may reach over 7mm in length.

People think it’s impossible to have a 7mm length. When a bed bug sucks the blood, it grows further.

You can say it can grow on feeding time only.

Bed Bug Bites Are Painless

If you are facing bed bug infestation and have a bed bug bite, don’t worry. It’s not dangerous medically.

It’s just a substance that increases the blood pressure at the bitten place.

Bed Bug Bites Are not that Dangerous.

The fact is bed bug bites are not dangerous because bed bug bites are not poisonous neither painful.

You don’t need any doctor after having bed bug bites, but precautionary measures are essential to avoid developing an allergic reaction, rash, and itching.

Bed Bug Bites Are Difficult to Distinguish.

Some bugs attack with similar bed bugs bites, including tick, mosquito, and flea bites.

If you have a bug bite, it’s a difficult task to distinguish who bite you.

Bed Bugs Are Now Able to Resist?

Bugs are healthy because scientifically, it’s proved that bed bugs are now stronger and can resist parathyroid.

Most of the time, we need to repeat the bug control treatment to make sure bed bugs are removed permanently.

Bed Bugs can’t Survive at 50°C

This is a crucial point; a bed bug is a tiny creature. They can’t bear such a high temperature, but if you want to make sure the bugs are removed, set your temperature at 56°C.

Never take a risk by yourself. Call a professional to make it safely.

Repetition of Bed Bug Treatments is Essential

If you try to control bed bugs infestation with home-based treatments like heat treatment and steam treatment, you need to repeat the process.

On the other hand, if you hire a professional expert to kill the bed bugs, they will help you remove bed bugs you all the necessary instructions to remove bug removal successfully.

Drying Agents Helps to Kill Bed Bugs

Yes, you can say drying agents are beneficial to kill bed bugs but make sure pesticides must be mentioned on the label. Otherwise, you are wasting your time.

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