Bed Bugs Ultimate Guide

If you’re worried about bed bugs and want to know about a fast-growing pest, you are in the right place. This guide will help you to get rid of bed bugs from your bed permanently. You don’t need years of experience to identify bed bug bites because I will explain everything about bed bug. If you want to save your money and time when you want to remove bugs, then this is the must-read guide for you.

In this guide, you will learn what bedbugs are and how you identify and remove bedbugs from your living place.

  • Introduction of Bed Bugs
  • What Are Bed Bugs & What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?
  • Bed bugs are fast-growing brownish crawlers that survive on humans and animal blood.
  • The size of the bed bug is approximately 1 to 7 millimeters long, like an apple seed.
  • Types and species matter a lot to explain how big are bed bugs.
  • They don’t have wings, so they are dependent on moving from one place to another.
  • After sucking blood, their bodies turn into radish color and puff up.
  • However, bedbugs can’t fly, but they can move rapidly on walls, ceilings, and floors.
  • Bed bugs are dangerous for human health. They affect skin badly, like changing the color of skin and rash the skin.
  • They are found at every place of your homes like kitchen rooms, bedrooms, and industrial places like retail stores and hotels.
  • The most interesting thing is, bugs are more active when all the humans sleep, and they disturb the whole night till morning.

Location and species of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are little pests feed on the blood of animals and humans.

There are different bed bugs species, but the most typical is Cimex lectularius; this species is widespread from ancient times.

Commonly this species belongs to North America.

Bed Bug Size

Bed bugs are not large insects. These are of 3/16″ according to length, but when they suck the blood of humans, they could grow approximately 1/4″ to 1/5″. Size of bed bug egg is only 1/32″ for millimeters refer above picture.

Habits of Bed Bug

There are some common habits of the bed bug. They are 80 times more active at night than day.

They try to attack approximately an hour before dawn.

Bed bugs can survive for the months by sucking blood and without feeding anything else.


Most people think bedbugs are attracted by filth and dirt, but it’s a total misconception they are normally attracted by carbon dioxide.

Proper air provision is an exact solution.

Bed Bug Reproduction

Most worthy characteristics of bed bugs are a female bed bug lay about 5 eggs per day. These eggs take ten days to shed exoskeleton by hatching.

After getting a new life baby bed bug to have a blood meal and get the strength to survive in this world.

History of bed bugs

There was a time when bedbugs were about to finish with very effective chemical treatments. But you must have a question in your mind why bed bugs are back.

Before 1950, DDT was used to eliminate the bed bugs; it was effective and had a great negative impact on environmental conditions. This was banned in the US, and this is the reason why bed bugs are back.

These days’ technicians try to use environment-friendly chemicals to overcome bed bugs, which are totally according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Bed Bug Anatomy & Appearance


  1. Head
  2. Wing Pad
  3. Abdomen
  4. Antenna
  5. Clypeus
  6. Leg
  7. Pronotum

As I already mentioned, it has a radish color and oval flat shape in the size of an apple seed.

Types of Species of Bed Bugs

It was believed that bedbugs had been eliminated from the whole world in the 20th century.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, there are 3 common types of bed bugs found in the US.

All the types of bedbugs belong to Heteroptera Cimicidae. It also includes subtypes.

  • Cimex Lectularis,
  • Cimex Hemipterus
  • LeptoCimex Boueti

You will be amazed to know bat bugs, bed bugs, and swallow bugs all belongs to this family.

Bed Bug (Cimex lectularius)

  • Approximately 5 to 6 mm in size
  • Thin hair layer on the body
  • The shape of the body is flat and round

What colors are bed bugs?

  • The color of the eggs is creamy white.
  • The larva of a bedbug is transparent.
  • The adult bed bug color is red.

Misconceptions about Bed Bugs

Different websites provide precise information about bed bugs on the internet; about 50% of people provide the wrong information.

Here you can see people have many bed bug misconceptions, some of the myths about bugs  I shared here.

  • First of all myth is Bed bugs only found in beds
  • Secondly, Bed bugs are only found in dirty and polluted places.
  • People think Bed bugs are back just due to DDT restriction.
  • Bed bugs can fly
  • Myth is bed bugs in a couch are not possible to remove
  • Another myth bed bugs can survive without food.
  • Bed bugs appear only at night sleeping time.
  • The most dangerous myth is bed bugs may cause incurable disease.
  • The funniest thing about bed bug is you can’t see them with the naked eye.

Bed Bugs Bites

The bites of bed bugs sometimes form a line or pattern like a zigzag.

Bed bug bites on kids may cause hazardous effects, but sometimes children and adults have no reactions to bites.

Commonly bugs bite during sleeping hours, but they can bite anywhere on the body.

  • Shoulders
  • Arms and underarms
  • Neck
  • Hands
  • Foot
  • Legs
  • Belly

Most of the time, people do not feel the pain of bite but identify when they got clear symptoms other than red dots.

Some common bug bite signs

How can we differ from bug bites and other bites?


After having bug bites, you will get a small red mark on your skin and cause a dangerous allergic reaction.

Bee Stings

It gives red skin bump with white round and may cause great swelling

Mosquitoes Bite

Pink raised skin with great itching and may cause a harsh allergic reaction.

Flea Bites

in the same way, flea bites become the reason for Itchy rough skin normally on the legs and ankles

Spider Bites

It causes slight red skin, swelling, and pain at a specific place; sometimes, it causes a severe reaction that requires emergency care.

Bug bite always produces discomfort level, irritation, and itchiness, some other symptoms of bed bug bites explained here:

  • You may feel a burning and painful sensation at the same time in a bite place.
  • Raised itchy skin with a bump
  • Red spots in zigzag pattern or line
  • The swelling and bumpy area from the center
  • Dry reddish skin

Some people are susceptible and get a severe reaction from a bed bug bite, the danger which symptoms symptoou need emergency medical care.

  • Difficult to breath
  • Swelling and blood blister
  • Severe fever attack
  • Irregular rate of heartbeat

Signs in your lifestyle

Having bed bugs bites not only affects your health, but living style also likes:

  • Depression & low self-esteem
  • Restlessness
  • Anxiety & low immune function
  • General fatigues

How to Locate A Bed Bug Infestation?

If you found bed bugs at your home, treat them as soon as possible.

Although, treatment of slight infestation is easy and less costly as compared to widespread infestation

How to Come Bed Bugs Out of Hiding

When you identify bed bugs at your place, try to force them to come outside of hiding. Normally they have a habit of coming out at night to get food.

However, some modern techniques and tools used to get bugs outside of walls and furniture but have a look where they hide for the whole day.

Signs if Your house has Bed Bugs

If you doubt the bedbugs in your residential place, first look for the signs of bedbugs like

  • Bed frames
  • Mattresses
  • Pillows and beddings
  • Carpets
  • Pillows and bedding sp
  • Headboards
  • Furniture conditions
  • Curtains and cloths
  • Wall junctions
  • Bedside table
  • Loose wallpapers

You can get an idea of bed bugs from all the things mentioned above, but you may find the bugs yourself.

Sometimes you may find a slump of blood or black spots on your bed sheet.

You will find tiny eggshells and pale yellow skin sheds, which are larger in size in your home.

Do you have doubts about bed bugs in your room?

Check all the edges of your sheet by taking off the sheets, also check matters piping to find bed bugs. Here is a Checklist for your convenience Bed Bug Treatment Checklist

How to get rid of Bed Bugs | Tips

If you are low on budget and want to get rid of bed bugs instantly, follow these step-by-step topics.

Detect bedbugs

If you can identify bedbugs with the signs of bugs, you can take action easily right after the detection of insects.

Detection of bugs is not an easy task; check out your furniture, walls, and floor; there must be a cluster of radish brown bugs.

Search bedbugs by yourself or hire a professional person to inspect; even hunt dogs can also detect bedbugs.


You can search for bedbugs in the following places

  • Check all electric outlets
  • Most important place mattress and its springs
  • Also, check furniture joints
  • on the other hand, You can search for cushions

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Preparation of Treating bedbugs

As a matter of fact, when you decide to treat your home, you need to do some preparations to maintain your success.

Make sure all the necessary things like clothes, carpets, and other hiding places must be cleaned.

If your room is infested so, then don’t move anything. It may cause spread the bugs to all places.

Always keep in mind cleaning is the first step of treatment.

Kill your bedbugs

The first step you need to take is cleaning up the mess where bedbug lives.

Some of the things you must perform.

  • You need to clean your beds, furniture, carpets and wash curtains, clothes with warm water.
  • Scrub your mattress with a stiff brush to remove bedbugs, eggshells, and faces before vacuuming.
  • Furthermore clean your floor with steam helps to get rid of bed bugs.
  • Repair ceilings, walls, and damages of your house to get rid of the places where bedbugs hide.

If your mattress is damaged, get the new one to avoid any discomfort.

Keeping one thing in your mind cleaning your bedroom or living area with insecticides and chemicals is not safe for the health.

There are different insecticides available in the market to remove bedbugs; you can get rid of bedbugs by home remedies or contact some reliable pest control company to deal with it.

If these methods don’t wipe out all the bugs, you may need to try an insecticide.

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Chemical and non-chemical treatment of bed bugs

There are a variety of insecticides available in the market; the products are safely registered with EPA.

If you want to try any insecticide, then don’t worry; continue reading to get knowledge about insecticides.

In short, By using home-based products, if you found one-bed bug can t find more, don’t worry; there are different experienced companies available to detect bedbugs.

Pyrethroids and Pyrethrins

These are the well-known chemicals used to eliminate bedbugs.

With time, some bugs develop immunity against this chemical, and 30% of bedbugs survive in front of such types of chemicals.


 This chemical is approximately like chlorfenapyr. It helps to kill bedbugs by disturbing their individual cells.


this is humanmade nicotine, which helps to disturb the nervous system of a bedbug.

It’s a very effective way to get rid of such bugs, which are highly resistant to the other pesticides.


Using this agent, you can destroy the outer protective layer of bedbugs; in this way, bugs dry out and finally die.

Foggers or bug Bombs

This is a very toxic substance not only for bedbugs but also for humans. If you want to use this, leave your room before spraying for protection.

Plant oil-based products

 EcoRaider and Bedbug Patrolare are oil-based substances which are less toxic than highly reactive chemical insecticides, and this is also an effective way of killing bedbugs.

Re-Check the Treated Area

If you want to remove every bug from your house, then keep an eye after completing the treatment.

Bedbugs can take some days to wipe out; you need to inspect is your treatment is working properly or not.

I am speaking about the better result; you need to check every seven days for bedbug signs.

Nowadays, there are different devices available in the market to detect buds, like bedbug interceptors automatically.

Interceptors help to capture the bedbug climbing to your bed.

You need to check again and again. If you find the issues once more, then call for a professional pest exterminator.

How to Prevent Bed Bugs?

If your house is infested, you need to treat chemically/Non chemically or with home-based products for weeks to wipe out completely to remove bed bugs.

Bedbug prevention tips

  • Never leave books, clothes, papers miss managed on the floor or in your cabins.
  • Clean your mattress and furniture daily to avoid any mess.
  • Zip your mattress from all sides to stop entering in mattress
  • Vacuum curtains, carpets, and bedding stuff in any case.
  • Seal and cover all broken floors and walls
  • immediately, reduce the number of hiding spots at your place
  • Drying and heating methods can be used to prevent bedbugs
  • Oil drops can be used to protect from bedbugs safely
  • bed bug treatment preparation checklist can help to get rid of bugs
  • Check bedbug signs before purchasing 2nd hand furniture

Note: Always take precautionary measures

Common Home-based Products That Kill Bed Bugs

There are many ways to clean your house, no doubt the use of insecticides is an effective way, but it can be harmful to the human.

Using home remedies to get rid of bedbugs in the protected method, some of the following items effectively eradicate bedbugs and their eggs.


You can put your infested things into the freezer for the specific time below -18C.

In this way, ice stuck in the bug’s body and damage body tissues and cells, but there are demerits of the freezing process like:

  • It damages home-based products like LCD panels & electronic devices.

Steam Cleaner

Do not skip this method; steam can reach each corner of the infested place; steam can destroy eggs, eggshells, and bedbugs with high pressure.

The most preferred way is dry steam. It will keep your place dry and secure the cloths, carpets, and other house based products.

Vacuum Cleaner

If your place is highly infested, this device will help you suck the bed bugs even behind the furniture, box springs, and baseboards.

Baking Powder & Salt

You have no budget to use any heavy treatment, and then there are many natural ways to kill bedbugs, which are not poisonous or toxic.

Baking powder is a very effective substance to remove bugs with the dehydration process, which compels the bugs to dry out.

Although salt is a cheaper way to fight against insects, salt is sometimes not effective; it can be a temporary solution.

Diatomaceous Earth Warning

Maybe this is new for you. DE is the natural solution to remove pests; it’s a powder-based substance.

You can spread this powder around the bugs, bedbugs walking around it bugs inhale the substance, and die.

You need to remember one thing it can be hazardous for your lungs. DE is a very effective product that helps to kill different insects.

Wrap Up

As you have seen, get rid of bedbugs is not a difficult task. You can simplify this process by using easy to reach home-based products.

In conclusion, If you feel home remedies for cleaning bedbugs are not working for your case, contact any reliable pest cleaning company.

Get Rid of Bed Bugs Guide


What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are the small insects that are comes from the family Cimicidae.

This family has three species that bite people.

How are big bed bugs?

Bed bugs grow up very fast. The length of these bed bugs is 5-7mm. The smallest length of the bed bug is 1.5mm.

What is the color of big bed bugs?

The color of the big bed bugs is reddish. The color of these is become more reddish after feeding blood meat.

What is the color of bed bugs nymphs?

The bed bug nymphs have no color, but if it feeds blood, it appears bright red.

Are bed bugs fly?

No, the bed bugs are not fly because their wings are useless.

Which factors do the infestations of the bed bugs increase?

Control on the use of stronger pesticides and increasing travel from the rising world may increase the infestation of bed bugs.

Bed bugs are common in the US after using a large number of pesticides in World War II.

Are bed bugs need a blood meal once a week?

Bed bugs can live for a month without feeding blood meal.

Where are bed bugs found?

Bed bugs are mostly found in mattresses, under the box, and furniture crevices.

Bed bugs are the most common in that area where people sleep and concentrate on beds. These are also found on the corners of the furniture and dresses.

What are the signs of bed bugs bite?

When the bed bugs bite, the bumps on the skin appear, as was previously stated. Small, flat, or raised bumps appear on the skin, which is the most common sign.

Swelling and itching are common.

What is the treatment of a bed bug bite?

Actually, there is no treatment for a bed bug bite. If the etching process is severe, steroid cream is commonly used for symptoms.

Antibiotics typically do this treatment.

How people detect bed bug infestation?

A bed bug is usually detected by fecal strains on the bedsheet and egg cases near the bed.

If you identify the bed bug strains, you have to look at other areas, such as wallpaper, behind picture frames.

How people get rid of bed bugs in their homes?

Although Bed bug infestation can be controlled by the cleaning surface with a brush to remove eggs.

Therefore, pest control expert-recommended many forms of deep cleanings, such as cleaning bed frames and furniture.

What is the best way for people to prevent bed bug bites in hotels?

The best way for the people is to prevent bed bugs in hotels from searching for beds to sign bed bug infestation.

In the naked eye, a bed bug appears the same?

Bed bugs are the small wingless insects that are flat, reddish, and feed on the animals and humans’ blood.

What happens when you squish a bed bug?

It totally depends on when bed bugs fed recently; moreover, if the bad bug had not been fed recently, it has a hard shell, and no blood is released.

Do other bugs look like bed bugs?

Yes, pe is getting confused with their etiquette, like Carpet Beetle, Bat Bug, Spider Beetle, etc.

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